Best Snacks on the Road to Baseball’s Spring Training 

In late February to the end of March, baseball fans visit the Phoenix and Scottsdale area en masse to watch Spring Training where major league baseball teams warm up before the regular season and test out new players. The weather in Arizona at this time of year is perfect with temperatures in the 60s and 70s with plenty of sunshine.

Because of the casual atmosphere in the stadiums and all of the venues being within the metro area, it's a fun and convenient way to watch a lot a baseball without much effort. While you're getting ready to witness an amazing home run, the perfect slide into home, or the best curve ball from a new pitcher, you can also enjoy the games at your best with healthy snacks.

Try these eats while you're on your way to the stadium.

No ball game is complete without munching on flavored snacks. The almonds from Fat Uncle Farms in California are perfect for a robust flavorful crunch, plus they provide the protein to get you ready for a whole month of games. 

Want that satisfying crunch, but something other than almonds? Try these roasted chickpea snacks from Pulse Roasted Chickpeas, a Bronx based business. Chickpeas provide protein and fiber and are a healthful way to get game ready.

ori3pack (1).jpg

Some fans like to go straight to the chips. If you're one, you have to get Protes protein packed healthy chips into your routine. A Brooklyn- based business, Protes chips are made with pea powder which is a healthy source of protein and are made in the best way possible. Try Spicy Chili Lime or Zesty Nacho.

Baseball means snacking well so you can enjoy all nine innings. These snacks, all available on Treatmo, are the best way to stay healthy and energized as you make your way to Phoenix for an entire month of Spring Training ball games. Download Treatmo for free.