Please Your Guests on Game Day with These Party Food Options


Preparing food for a crowd, even if the crowd is only five of your best buds, takes some pre-game effort.

Let us break it down so it's easy!

Your field judge is going to call you out if you spend too much time thinking about what to make for the big game. It's better to make what you know. One way to send it over the top, however, is to use ingredients that will make your crowd cheer.

Everyone is suited up and ready, here's your offensive attack strategy for making the game day spread delicious and easy.

1) The Falafel Bar

This is so easy it will feel like you've just received the most beautiful touchdown pass . Simply gather all of the ingredients you love to put into a falafel, make the falafel (also super easy), and put it on the table. Let you guests make their own.

The basics you need to make the falafel spread a success that you can get on Treatmo right now: peri peri sauce from Lesedi Farm (this will turn the party up!); horseradish from Grate Roots (for that extra kick which you can also use with another party favorite, like deviled eggs. The great thing about all of these items is that you'll have them around after game day, so it's a win win. Easy falafel recipe here.

2) The Samosa Bar

Deep fried and filled with potatoes and veggies, samosas are an excellent game day treat.

You can find samosas on Treatmo from Lesedi Farm with special overnight shipping options. If you're lucky may also be able to find them at your local grocery store or Indian restaurant or deli. But it's the sauces you pair them with that make them delicious. From Lesedi Farm out of Washington State in Treatmo, you can shop sweet and spicy peri peri and pumpkin seed sauces -- both all natural. They're filling and perfect for dipping--really an ideal food for a party.  

3) The Wing Bar

When you have the ingredients down like the sauces and spices you already have a great starting line up. 

If you've shopped the peri peri sauce, all you need is BBQ sauce. The OKB makes BBQ sauce that is all natural minus the typical anchovies and corn syrup you find in many BBQ sauces--this will also be friendlier to a healthy diet. The OKB is lower in sodium than almost every store bought BBQ sauce which means no one has to feel guilty about piling on. You've already got the peri peri sauce from Lesedi Farm, so make two kinds of wings -- one with BBQ sauce and one with sweet and hot chili based sauce. Checkout the treatmo market for more sauce options, like hot and all natural Bacchanal sauce.

Take your food from ordinary to extraordinary and shop local food makers making healthier options on Treatmo. Download the app on the App Store. See how it works for ordering and gifting. Keep your favorite food at your fingertips and a tap away on Treatmo! Touchdown!