Perfect Stocking Stuffers For The Whole Family

Gourmet Holiday Gift Ideas

Three gourmet holiday gift ideas. If you're wondering what to get as stocking stuffers this holiday season, try the gift of wholesome but indulgent food. These natural, fresh, and locally made foods are fun to eat and will delight the entire family.

Bam Bam Bites

These delicious bite size treats are made with cacao, dates, agave and natural flavors. They're a perfect snack and healthy and will fit in a stocking without a problem.


Seed Ranch Flavor Co.

There are many hot sauces on the supermarket shelves, but few rival the flavor of this gourmet hot sauce from Boulder, Colorado. Seed Ranch Flavor Co. makes three amazing sauces that will surprise and delight during the holiday season. They also fit perfectly in the stocking. Try Umami, Thai Green Hot Sauce, and Smoke Jalapeño. The Umamai has oven dried olives, porcini mushrooms, and caper.


Hi-FiBar Granola Snack Packs

If you want amazing granola that has no sugar added, lots of fiber, and delicious snacking flavor, try Hi-FiBar granola snack packs. They're crunching, an easy snack, and full of healthy nutrients. Perfect for the stocking.


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