Top Middle Eastern Foods In A Tap

Middle Eastern food has been steadily growing in popularity due to its wholesome, aromatic and healthy ingredients. The cuisine which originated in the modern day countries of Lebanon, Israel, and Jordan is filling but doesn't make you feel stuffed. In fact, the food is loaded with fiber and protein and it doesn't take a lot to feel full.

Using ingredients such as sesame seeds, garbanzos, oregano, thyme, cumin, and lemon, Middle Eastern food packs flavor and nutrition in every bite. It also relies heavily on these kinds of plant-based ingredients making it a great option for vegan and vegetarian minded diets.

You can enjoy this trending global cuisine in a tap by shopping these five products in the Treatmo Marketplace.

Fresh Organic Hummus by Hummister

Hummus is pureed garbanzo beans (or chickpeas) with tahini, lemon, and spices. Hummus is wonderful as a spread on sandwiches and, of course, in pita bread with fresh veggies. It's also a nice snacking dip with crackers. Now you can take your fresh hummus with you with Hummister Stir It Up Hummus that is shelf stable. Just combine the packets and enjoy the snack size portions to healthy hummus anytime and anywhere.

Hummister is based in NYC and comes in six packs on Treatmo and in four flavors: Mediterranean, Village, Blazin', and Classic.


Lemon Garlic Dressing by Lemonette

Salad dressing are so important in Middle Eastern cuisine. The use of lemon, garlic, and spices helps flavor food and gives it that lemony taste. This fresh dressing by Lemonette in Sherman Oaks, CA, has a great flavor combination that can be used on everything from salads, in pitas, and even to make tabouleh. They also make a cumin based dressing that fantastic as well. The dressings are sugar and dairy free.


Za'atar Seasoning

Za'atar is a popular and aromatic seasoning blend in Middle Eastern cuisine. It's made from oregano, thyme, sesame seeds, and salt. It's nice to combine it soups, falafel, and in tahini as well. Shop fresh Za'atar on Treatmo.


Flavored Olives by Brooklyn Whatever

Olive trees are abundant in the Mediterranean climate of the Middle East and olives are eaten frequently. Just go to any market and you'll see a variety of bulk olives in brine. You can order gourmet flavored mixed olives from Brooklyn Whatever on Treatmo and enjoy them with every meal, as snacks, and on party trays. They are called Shmolives and are popular in the NY area.


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