More Americans Shopping By Mobile Phone

On Black Monday, the massive deal driven consumer shopping day following Thanksgiving, more Americans shopped by mobile phone than ever before. Sales by mobile phone accounted for over half of all purchases.

The convenience and efficiency of shopping by mobile phone is making it the mainstream method for shopping and it is becoming a major sales channel for businesses.

Local food businesses can benefit from the growth of mobile phone usage as it's an ideal way to quickly order and reorder food items such as snacks, chocolate, pantry items, and packaged foods.

Here's three reasons why shopping for food by mobile is the future.

Shoppers are looking for ease of information when it comes to discovering and researching products and merchants. Standard websites have difficulty transmitting all the information about a product quickly and many don't format well to mobile phone screens. Shopping apps take care of that problem easily with abundant information in a glance or in a tap.

Marketplaces are the future of food shopping. Shoppers want to be able to scroll through a wide range of products and don't want have to go to every food maker's website to place an order. Mobile apps works well for curating products in a marketplace and make navigation easy and fun.

Mobile shopping carts are the quickest way to order and reorder. Order directly from photos that appear nicely on the phone screen and save all receipts digitally. For drop ship businesses it's a great way to take orders and ship out to customers rather than having a product sit in a warehouse.

Treatmo is an excellent choice for local food businesses that want to offer customers the best mobile shopping experience. With an amazing marketplace of local natural food choices, easy set up, and an efficient shopping cart, shoppers can order for themselves, gift friends, and then chat about the experience all in a tap. The social aspect of Treatmo provides the opportunity of viral marketing for every business.

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