Spice Up Your Comfort Food with Habanero Ketchup

Enjoy this rich and spicy ketchup on everything.


If you're tired of your regular store bought ketchup and want to liven up your favorite comfort food, Habanero Ketchup by Brooklyn Whatever is a great choice. Made with natural ingredients, it has a rich tomato flavor followed by a smooth after burn from the habanero peppers. It's an easy way to add chili spice to food without pouring on the hot sauce.

There's no high fructose corn syrup in this product and it's low in sodium and sugar as well. Once you try it, you just may want to put it on everything throughout the day. Be sure to try it on your comfort food like these french fries and 'chick'n' bites. Enjoy!

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Download Treatmo for iPhone and shop Habanero Ketchup from Brooklyn Whatever in a tap. If habaneros are too hot for you, there's Jalapeño Ketchup as well!