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Shopping and eating the most local food has lots of benefits - the freshest ingredients, small batch production, and incredible flavors. Food makers across the U.S. are crafting amazing food products in their own communities sourcing ingredients from local farms and making them in local commercial kitchens.

The quality and variety of the food is amazing. Flavors from freshly made food are stronger and more fulfilling than highly processed food from the grocery store. The nutritional benefits are also superior. Health benefits of food dissipates over time, so fresh food is better for you and worth it every week in your diet.

Local and creative nut butter from Portland, Oregon

Local and creative nut butter from Portland, Oregon

While many supermarkets offer local food, and online warehouses may have local food in stock, it's still not as fresh as direct from the food maker. On Treatmo, you can order the most local fresh food from the food maker's business or even from their farm and bypass the transportation, long storage, and prolonged shelf time that occurs at major physical or online retail outlets.

The advantages to the shopper are wonderful as enjoyment, nutrition, and access to variety are abundant.

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