A Big Cookie That's Totally Gluten Free And Breaks The Baking Mold

Orly set out to make a gluten free flour that could do anything. We put it to the test.

My whole life I've never been able to master the big cookie--one with great volume, texture and taste that doesn't sink after you bake it. 

Those days are over.

One of the first big cookies I had and really loved was in New York from Levain Bakery. I received a gift to my office, and the gift was a box of cookies from this famous bakery renowned for their giant, scrumptious cookies. 


Fast forward to 2017, almost fourteen years later, I'm making an equivalent giant cookie in the Treatmo studio kitchen using Blends by Orly. The owner, Orly, is a graduate of New York University with pastry making experience from living in Paris and professional training at Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Institute in Sydney, Australia. 


Aptly, the flour blends designed by Orly are named after cities where the culinary delights have inspired her: London, Sydney, Manhattan and Tuscany. 


For the baker who wants to do anything and everything with gluten free flour, we recommend Blends by Orly. Using blends of brown rice flour and sorghum in cake, pastry, bread, cookie and challah flours, Orly's makes baking gluten free better.


We combined the pastry and bread flours to make these big cookies. They were flaky, full (no sinking), soft and empowering. Yes, empowering. Who knew gluten free could create such magic in the kitchen. Thanks, Orly!

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Anna is the founder of Treatmo and host of the Treatmo studio kitchen