Four Treats Made of Beets with Nutrition And Flavor

Need extra stamina this holiday season? Reach for beets.

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Whatever you need, more energy for work, fitness, school or family, beets can help. They are high in nitrates which research says boost endurance. Beets are also high in betalains--associated with the red pigment and are anti-inflammatory--which can help fight chronic disease such as liver disease, arthritis and even cancer. The high nitrate component of beets is also beneficial to brain health. Regular consumption of beets improves blood flow to the brain to help you focus, improve memory and work on difficult tasks longer.

This is a food we want more of in our diet. Here are four everyday and easy ways to eat more beets now. All products available to shop and gift in the Treatmo iOS Marketplace

1) Brooklyn Whatever

This Brooklyn family knows their pickled foods and ups the ante on what you know by making inventive pickled concoctions seasoned in a heritage recipe. They know what's up. But, whatever, don't take our word, check out all the beet options on Treatmo app.

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2) Grate Roots 

For anyone new to horseradish, it's often paired with food like cheese, Bloody Mary's, oysters, and eggs. It's a condiment that goes the distance. Unlike many counterparts to Grate Roots, these handmade jars of perfection are bring the heat, are organic and sodium free. Shop it now or gift it too on Treatmo.

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3) Natural Sins

Crunch your beets. These ultra-thin, dried beet treats taste exactly like a beet. But you won't get your hands dirty. These neat crisps can be munched on the go. From the gym to the plane, get the healthy brain and body boost you need with Natural Sins handy snacks. You are worth it.

natural sins beet.jpg

4) Seattle Pickle Co

Ready for a straight shot of pickled beets made from local Washington beets? Seattle Pickle Co sources their beets from Oxbow Farm of Carnation, Washington. This company embodies everything we're about here at Treatmo along with all of the businesses mentioned here: high quality, locally made, and flavorful. 

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Download the Treatmo iOS app to shop or gift any of these products. Enjoy your beets!