Eat Nuts For Health and Serve Them To Your Guests

The health guidance from leading journals and health practitioners is to eat more nuts. Fortunately, it's easy to do and really tasty too. 


The health guidance from leading journals and health clinics is to eat more nuts. Fortunately, it's easy to do and really tasty too. Whatever your hungry for, if it's something salty or sweet or plain and neat, there is a nut that covers that. From the mobile Treatmo marketplace of craft food makers, you can take your pick. There's something for everyone and plenty of unique options to gift as well. Here is just a sampling. 

1) Pronutz - Pistachios with probiotics

For something more high brow, you might try smoked gouda pistachios from Pronutz with apple pears and wine. This makes an excellent snack for guests during the holiday season and offers something healthy to eat. Pistachios are loaded with fiber, protein, antioxidants. Try the chocolate or yogurt covered for a decadent, healthy treat.

Pronutz Smoked Gouda Pistachios

Pronutz Smoked Gouda Pistachios

2) nuts + nuts - roasted and flavored cashews

You haven't had cashews quite like this before. nuts + nuts specializes in farm direct, Indonesian cashews, roasted in Brooklyn. They take great effort to ensure freshness and nutrition in each bite through their harvesting and packaging process. Crunch away and enjoy exciting flavor combinations like chili and lime, a Southeast Asian specialty.

3) Lesedi Farm - pumpkin seed dressing

While we're on the topic of nuts, seeds are also in the health business. Pumpkin seeds are high in fiber, protein and healthy fats, just like all nuts. With Lesedi Farm from Washington state, you can enjoy the benefits of pumpkin seeds in their nutritious and savory dressing on everything from burgers to falafel and salad.


4) Napa Valley EVOO - almonds and olive oil

Pack in two health powerhouses with Napa Valley EVOO's almonds and olive oil. This classic flavor combination offers the good healthy fats of almonds and olive oil in one. It's a dream team.

selgris almonds.jpg

5) Fat Uncle Farms - coconut almonds

Raw, unpasteurized and unsprayed, Fat Uncle Farms packs pure almonds unfiltered into a party for your mouth. Choose from coconut, cinnamon, cajun, and more fun options and enjoy the pure crunch of fresh, farm direct, sustainable California almonds. You won't believe the difference! They are the best for homemade almonds milk, too.

Fat Uncle Farms Coconut Almonds

Fat Uncle Farms Coconut Almonds

6) Rawclates - 'Snickerz' bar

Want something a bit more...contained? Rawclates' take on a classic peanut butter Snickers bar is going to blow up your tastebuds. This bar is pure stoneground cacao and entirely plant-based caramel, nougat and cacao. You, your kids, your parents--everyone will love this. It's a party favor and a snack goal. Load up because you'll miss this hugely as soon as it's gone.


Go nuts! Shop and gift any of these items from their stores on Treatmo iOS App - craft local food makers in a tap! See how. Ready to shop? Get the app