Five Easy Ways to Get the Benefits Coconut Everyday

It wasn't all that long ago when the association of coconut was as gooey sugary filling in a chocolate bar, topping on a sundae or a drink you sipped on a beach with a cocktail umbrella. Not a nut, but a fruit, the coconut has big health benefits which have turned this tropical delight into a mainstream food ingredient.

The fruit or meat of the coconut contains electrolytes like potassium and minerals such as iron. Fiber is also abundant which means you feel full faster. It also aids digestion. The plant oils in the coconut meat are considered beneficial to health since they are burned as energy in the liver before being digested and turning into fat. Coconut meat also contains lauric acid which helps boost immunity.

Eating a bit of coconut everyday is not hard. Here are five great ways to get the benefits.

Coconut Butter

Coconut butter is the actual fruit or meat of the coconut mashed and whipped to have the consistency of butter. It can be used as a spread on toast, blended into smoothies, added to oatmeal, and even eaten directly from the jar. There is now easier way to consume coconut fruit for those with a busy lifestyle. Philospher's Stoneground Coconut Butter is a great choice.

Coconut Macaroons

A macaroon is a small, bite size, circular dome-shaped cookie made of coconut. When made with organic raw coconut, they provide a nice serving of healthy coconut fruit that's easy to digest quickly as a quick snack when your energy is low, after a workout, or as a sweet treat after dinner. For those interested in portion control, they're the perfect amount of sweetness to enjoy without over indulging. b Naked Chocolates makes healthy raw coconut macaroons mixed with almond. The Naked Blonde has vanilla and the Naked Brunette has cacao. They also come dipped in raw chocolate for an extra treat. Best  of all, they're low in sugar and are refined sugar free.

Chocolate dipped coconut macaroons by b Naked Chocolates

Chocolate dipped coconut macaroons by b Naked Chocolates

Coconut Coated Banana Chips

Dried fruit is a great way to snack. It's sweet and satisfying and travels well. Fluffy Vegans makes a banana chip made from dehydrated organic bananas and then coats it with unsweetened organic coconut flakes. If you want something to snack on during the day or when when catching up with Netflix, then Banandy banana chips are the way to go for a yummy and healthy coconut coated bites.

Banandy banana chips coated in coconut (right) by Fluffy Vegans - their other products include kale chips and apple chips

Banandy banana chips coated in coconut (right) by Fluffy Vegans - their other products include kale chips and apple chips

Coconut Almonds

Almonds are the rage in 2017. Add to them delicious coconut and you have another amazing better-for-you snack. Eating almonds is great for brain health, hearth health, digestion, and you get a lot of Vitamin E which is good for your skin and anti-aging. Fat Uncle Farms makes coconut almonds which come from its dry farmed orchards. As a result, the nutrient value is higher because the almonds aren't filled with as much water. They have many other great flavors as well.

Coconut-Based Sports Shot

Coconut water has made its way into the sports world as a great replenishment and energy drink. It provides hydration, electrolytes and sugars to support recovery after a workout. TruEnergy uses coconut water in its sports shot along with green tea and vitamins to make the perfect healthy energy drink for those pushing their bodies everyday. Its much more balancing than sports shots loaded with sugar and other artificial stimulants and doesn't induce a crash effect. It's also delicious.

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