Chocolate To Savor, Snack on And Gift From Farmhouse Chocolates in Vermont


A quick snack, a pre- or post-workout boost, a craving or a luxury, chocolate is for every occasion.

When I was little, my biggest joy was a plate full of fresh peanut brittle made on a marble slab in my grandfather's kitchen. He and my grandmother had a diner in Tonawanda, New York where they made and sold popular brittle and milk chocolates. Booths from their diner now sit in the local museum.

A kitchen pantry full of chocolate fudge, caramel sauce and the most amazing Greek cookies and candy was the norm in our household. My tastes and flavor preferences have been stuck in gear since then, seeking out the most authentic and local flavors to eat. It's no surprise that my older brother and I now run Treatmo to create faster access to fresh and local food.

Local Bristol, Vermont chocolate maker, Farmhouse Chocolates + Ice Cream, satiates every sweet craving to the fullest. Making decadent caramels, truffles, vegan chocolate and ice cream, Eliza and Erlé--who trained at the New England Culinary Institute and has worked with chefs, pastry chefs and bakers in Vermont, Alaska, New York, and Italy--impresses with all natural confections.

Erlé LaBounty grew up working on his grandfather's dairy farm in rural Vermont and founded Farmhouse Chocolates in honor of his grandparents. He now works together with his wife and partner Eliza La Rocca, who has a rich European background in food and wine.

Sticking with the purist tradition of the family farm, all of the chocolate is organic, fair trade and soy-lecithin free. They use local Vermont cream, syrup, fruit and spices in the truffles like rosemary, lavender and maple.

For Erlé this is not a new business endeavor. From a young age he helped his mom and their friends make molded chocolates around the holidays. He started his first chocolate business, Farmhouse Truffles, at sixteen. In collaboration with a culinary program at a local vocational school while in high school, Erlé made and sold chocolates wholesale achieving a strong and hungry holiday base of customers. 

Take a look at their store in Treatmo app. Order or gift!

Take a look at their store in Treatmo app. Order or gift!

That early taste of business and creative opportunity to craft great food he could share with more people has grown into Farmhouse Chocolates + Ice Cream. Along with Eliza, the company makes ice cream from local eggs and cream, herbs and spices. They also have vegan sorbets with popular flavors like dark chocolate. You're welcome to stop by their production room to shop ice cream and pick up chocolate, too. Call in advance to check their availability, or place an order on Treatmo to let them know you're visiting.

Treatmo makes it easy to stay connected with Farmhouse Chocolates + Ice Cream throughout the seasons. In the summer you can find their farmers market locations easily through the app. Throughout the winter, stay connected with them through shipping options and local pick up at their production shop!

The care that goes into their organic sweets can further be experienced in the packaging which is thoughtfully designed with eco-friendly and sustainable materials. When you receive your order, you can feel the warmth and kindness of the chocolate makers behind these scrumptious treats. Little touches in design are a treat unto themselves at Farmhouse Chocolates. 

As you think about treating yourself or gifting someone else, download Treatmo from the App Store on iTunes. Learn about, browse and shop from the Farmhouse Chocolates + Ice Cream store in the app. Earn points towards rewards when you shop and gift. See how it works. Repeat ordering has never been easier.


by Anna Zefferys, CEO of Treatmo, eater, recipe maker and flavor enthusiast.