The Best DIY Bloody Mary Mocktail


An easy and delicious Bloody Mary without the alcohol or extra sodium.

Vegetable juice, cocktail or mocktail, the Bloody Mary is a versatile drink. If you don't drink alcohol or are planning on drinking less as your new year's resolution, you can appreciate the experience and flavor of this classic drink made alcohol free.

The beauty of a Bloody Mary is with its tomatoes, spices, vegetables and sauces, all of which can be healthy. Oftentimes, this particular drink is so loaded in sodium and artificial ingredients it misses the opportunity to be good for you too.

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While many recipes call for Worcestershire and Tabasco sauce, we've not only removed the alcohol but found fresher more natural replacements for these sauces as well and made this drink make you feel good too from the inside out. 

Fresh ingredients push this Bloody Mary into best ever territory. Whether you're throwing a party for the Superbowl, Kentucky Derby, Mother's Day, weekend brunch, or just want a yummy and energizing vegetable drink for breakfast, this recipe works for all occasions.

vegetable juice

The foundation is the tomato juice. Get that right and you're off to the races--taste is personal so mix to your spice and flavor preferences. Here are three healthy tomato juice recipe options to plan and make ahead of time. 

Bloody Mary Mocktail Recipe (Serving Size 2)

What you need for this recipe:

  • Horseradish (preferably Grate Roots textured organic horseradish in lime flavor, also sodium free!)
  • Hot Sauce (preferably The OKB Barbecue sauce -- its organic, low sodium and all natural. The flavor makes a big difference in this recipe)
  • Two celery stalks (with leafy tops)
  • Bloody Mary Rim Salt (preferably Daddy's Gourmet -- it's sourced from a single farm and uses organic Himalayan salt)
  • Lemon and lime
  • Fresh ginger (optional)
  • Turmeric (options, order from Physical GraffiTea on 
  • Blender or Cuisinart.

Step 1

  1. Wash two celery stalks, use the leafy top as a stirrer in your glass. Cut so that from tip top to base it can sit in the glass with a few inches above the top of the glass.
  2. Cut the remaining celery into smaller chunks and add to the blender. 
  3. Scoop a heaping tablespoon of the horseradish into the blender
  4. Add a tablespoon of The OKB Sauce
  5. Add a twist of lemon and lime.
  6. Blend the celery, horseradish, OKB Sauce and citrus and set aside. 

Step 2

Next, add the salt to the rim of the glass.

Start with your glass -- mason jar or tall water glass and add the salt to the rim. See the How To at Betty Crocker

Pour the Bloody Mary Rim Salt (from Daddy's Gourmet single origin herb farm) onto a small plate (shown below). Dunk the rim of the glass in water, or lime juice and water then dip it in the salt and turn a few times.

Step 3

Scoop out half the horseradish and sauce mixture into one glass and half into the other. Pour the chilled tomato juice to fill half the glass (about 8 oz), fill the remainder with water, lime juice and ice add a lime if you like! Tomato juice is concentrated, so diluting with water is ok. 

Step 4


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