Schisandra Tea The Secret To Boosting Mood, Focus and Energy Naturally


Whether it's work life or social life, there is always some measure of stress. Your boss might be pushing you to work longer hours. Meanwhile, your friends might be angry with you because you have less time for them. Stress is everywhere. Then if you fall ill or aren't sleeping at night, the stress increases. But there's hope.

Diet plays a huge role in how the body handles stress. Eating plenty of foods high in natural vitamins and nutrition support the body through challenging times and give your brain the fuel to prepare for those curveballs life tends to throw at us when we're at our worst. The Treatmo Mobile Marketplace aims to make finding and shopping those everyday foods easier. 

Drinking healthy tea is one way to help your mind and body deal with stress more effectively. While coffee increases adrenal strain which can amplify stress levels, some teas are ideally suited for lowering stress. 

Schisandra Berry Tea, available from Physical GraffiTea in the Treatmo Marketplace on  iOS . 

Schisandra Berry Tea, available from Physical GraffiTea in the Treatmo Marketplace on iOS

Schisandra is small bright red berry used in Chinese medicine for over 2000 years. It's also called magnolia vine and is native to NE China and parts of Russia. It has also conveniently climbed its way to North America. Growing in cooler climates where there is a good mix or rain, sun and shade, schisandra grows in states like Maine and Oregon. 

It's known as an adaptogen which means that it has unique properties that help reduce mental and physical stress. Schisandra is also anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, and uplifting. Additionally, it improves physical performance and concentration. On top of all that it offers liver protection and digestive health. 

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It's an interesting berry. It's not a sweet berry like raspberry. It is actually known as a 'five flavor berry' as it tastes sweet, salty, sour, bitter and pungent, all at the same time. Traditional Chinese medicine refers to schisandra as the embodiment of three vital life energies or 'Three Treasures', including: Jing, Qi and Shen. 

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While many elixirs and powders tout the benefits of adaptogens, this tea is very potent. Physical GraffiTea a tea cafe and apothecary in New York City sells organic and fair trade schisandra teas for around $6.50 an ounce (minimum 2 ounces). Cocorau also uses the berry in their Superlative Beauty elixir. 

Our thoughts? We tried Physical GraffiTea schisandra tea and Cocorau's powder and give both a thumbs up. Schisandra berry really does help with focus and energy based on our experience. 

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