Capital Kitchens a Launch Pad for Food Entrepreneurs in Austin

Austin is well known nationally as a live music capital, but lately it has become celebrated for even more than great sounds. CNBC ranked it as the best city to start a business in America. Due to the lower cost of doing business, quality of life, skill of the labor force (powerhouse school University of Texas at Austin is located here), and diversity, it has the highest rate of entrepreneurship in the country.

While the tech scene is a driver of the growth, food start-ups are also making a huge mark resulting in a booming culinary scene. The local food movement receives a lot of support from the community which rewards creativity and inventiveness. The preference for shopping local has also been conducive for small businesses in Austin's food ecosystem. From plant-based burgers and barbecue sauce to liquid nitrogen ice cream and carbonated fermented jun tea, the range of innovative food options is extensive and growing.

With 15,000 new food business entering the market each year nationally, central Texas is one region where the innovation is concentrated. One company fueling the prospering food scene is Capital Kitchens. It is the largest shared-use commercial kitchen in Austin and a leading example of the growth of commercial kitchens across the U.S. as not only places to prepare food for sale, but also to nurture food start-ups.

Capital Kitchens is a 3,600 square foot, full-service culinary co-working space. Food entrepreneurs rent the facilities to produce unique items for sale -- at farmers markets, catering, through food trucks, and for shipment. For mobile food trucks the kitchen serves as a commissary or central preparation facility.

What makes Capital Kitchens even more unique and beneficial to the food community is that they provide expertise to help start-ups launch their businesses and can help guide members through the first steps to create a business. By providing business development and incubation services, they reduce the time required to take a product to market effectively and quickly.

Some start big, some start small, all are welcome.
- Trish Wesevich, Owner

As part of this network, Capital Kitchens has partnered with Treatmo to offer a mobile commerce tool for its food entrepreneurs. Treatmo app provides an instant business store front in the app so businesses can take orders and payments by mobile phone as well as establish a strong brand. The store front displays where to buy the food, what’s unique about it, and lists all items for purchase. The store also makes gifting customers, running a loyalty and promotions and easy to help support marketing and customer relationship building. It’s simple to take pre-orders, too.

Treatmo gives small businesses mobile app technology instantly and helps level the playing field with large corporations who are moving quickly to develop native mobile apps. While most website stores take a week or more to set up and require regular maintenance, the Treatmo store front can go live in less than 10 minutes. With this quick setup, food makers can create instant visibility in and start accepting orders.

As more customers prefer to pay by mobile and want food on demand, Treamo engages them through a marketplace of store fronts with filters matching food tribes such as gluten free and dairy free (44  % of adults say food restrictions, food allergies, or avoidance of certain ingredients dictate what they eat), fine tuning results with what's nearby, what ships and delivers, all supported by search. The platform makes payments feel less transactional and more about community and great food—and not just because the phone replaces cash and plastic. The social aspect of Treatmo, powered by chat, makes it easier to connect with and discover great things to eat through friends.

Treatmo Co-founders in Austin pre-Treatmo. 

Treatmo Co-founders in Austin pre-Treatmo. 

With Treatmo businesses establish a dynamic mobile presence quickly in a mix of likeminded businesses to increase customer engagement, brand intimacy and accessibility alongside payment activity. For food business just starting out and those already established Treatmo is a fresh and innovative step forward for creating customer experience, convenience and business efficiency.

Treatmo is proud to partner with leading food incubator Capital Kitchens and make Treatmo Mobile Store Front technology (full product launching this September) available to food makers and consumers in Texas. As fans of the City and all it has to offer, we our happy to be a part of this innovative and growing community. 

For Austin food businesses, the combination of making delicious product through Capital Kitchens and offering it on Treatmo is a powerful launch pad for food entrepreneurs. 

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