An Easy Two Sauce Tempeh With Bite

Whether you're simply a food lover and or also a chef, experimenting is part of the journey to learning about and making great food. Food that has fantastic texture and also transmits excellent flavor is part of the joy. Finding new ingredients to try and create with is the ongoing quest.

If you're an adventurous eater, on a plant based diet, or chef experimenting with new proteins, tempeh is going to amaze you. New to tempeh myself, and somewhat wary of it at first, I've learned that it's a pretty amazing vehicle for flavor and nutrients.

A 3 oz serving of tempeh has 16 grams of protein and has 8% the daily recommended value of iron and calcium. Tempeh is a whole food form of soy. Kelli Foster of kitchen says it best, "It's made from whole soy beans which are softened by soaking. Then they're cooked, slightly fermented and formed into a firm patty or block."

Cooked in Old Kentucky Barbecue sauce, these mini soybean cakes turn into delicious packets of flavor. It doesn't hurt that there are health benefits that come from eating it too. Tempeh is a high source of protein, but compared to soy, it is minimally processed--so you get all the positive health effects of eating soy, of which there are many, minus the negatives. Tempeh also packs more flavor than soy and brings a bit of a nutty taste.

Recipe: Tempeh with BBQ Sauce, Mango and Greens

The preparation for the dish below is really fast and easy. The all natural sauces used bring enormous flavor to this dish and a bit of zest.

1) Sautée your tempeh with OKB Sauce--about 10-15 min on medium. No need to overcook, just enough to saturate with sauce and heat.

2)  While the tempeh is cooking , chop up a yam into small bite sizes and boil.

3) Prepare a green salad with avocados using Daddy's Gourmet Mixed Herb. 

4) Layer the salad, then the yam, then layer on the tempeh. Drizzle Bacchanal Mango Hot Sauce over the top to complete! 

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Bacchanal Mango Hot Sauce,  Order on Treatmo

Bacchanal Mango Hot Sauce, Order on Treatmo

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OKB Sauce,  Order on Treatmo

OKB Sauce, Order on Treatmo

Anna Zefferys, CEO and Treatmo Founder