Nutrient Dense Pure Juice in Phoenix Inspires with Great Flavor

Phoenix gets a new juice company.

Phoenix, the largest city in the Sonoran desert, has more sunny days than any other major metropolitan area in the U.S. According to Forbes, Phoenix is also one of the Fastest Growing Cities in the U.S., and leading the pack in job creation for the information and tech sector.

Phoenix clearly is a rising star in the desert. The growth has also given rise to innovation in other areas, like food. As more people arrive in Phoenix, so do the ideas, and this is good for everyone.

When the founder of Pure Juice, Ryan Newman, landed in Phoenix, he noticed the lack of farm fresh, healthy options. Like many before him arriving in the city, the challenge of finding food that supports an active lifestyle was considerable.

His enthusiasm for juicing and vegetarian food at home led to the founding of Pure Juice in the spring of 2016. After experiencing positive changes to his health while incorporating the juice into a daily routine, he became passionate about sharing that wellness opportunity with others.

There are not enough products out there that are just plain good for us.
— Ryan Newmann, Founder, Pure Juice

The passion behind the company is clear, and the product stands for itself. Pure Juice maximizes the nutrients available in raw fruit and vegetables, undiluted, for consumption from local Arizona farms whenever possible. "Don't Panic It's Organic!" cleverly captures the motto of Pure Juice. All products are 100% organic, non pasteurized, non HPP and nothing but juice--no salt, no added sugar and include ingredients you might not consume on a regular day.

Ryan's own routine provides an example of how to incorporate juice into your daily schedule for the full benefit. He told us he doesn't follow a rigorous exercise regimen. Being a high-energy entrepreneur with several farmers market appearances he manages to stay fit. But in his own words, "80% [is about] what you put in (eat) and 20% exercise (workout)." 

He starts his day with a juice on an empty stomach, according to him the best time for absorption, and before tasks to help him "get in the zone."  For Ryan, the benefits of raw Pure Juice have staved off stress, allergies, headaches and insomnia. 

For people and businesses in the tech sector in Phoenix, like Treatmo, staying focused for long hours on the job and eating well is hard. With fresh, delicious ingredients within such close reach at many of the nearby farms during high season, and even off season, Pure Juice is one of the great local businesses making that flavor and nutrition even more available and accessible through excellent farm fresh product and Treatmo app. Plus, when you order Pure Juice on Treatmo, you receive points leading up to a free juice!

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