Into The Wild with MetaMatcha

Monday starts on the trail. Whether the gym, the street or the park, the path awaits. Kick it off strong with a blast of energy from matcha. 

Matcha powder is ground green tea leaves. The green tea leaf, high in vitamins and minerals, also contains polyphenolic antioxidants called catechins--a disease fighting flavanoid. Catechins are known to fight various types of cancer and heart disease. The benefit of drinking matcha over steeped green tea comes from the consumption of the whole leaf. 

Matcha has a slower burn than caffeine in coffee, providing sustained energy without the crash along with elevated mood and focus through amino acid L-theanine

MetaMatcha founded in New York, has a balanced slightly grassy flavor, not too sharp or bitter and overall quite smooth. Known for their bottled matcha beverages in delicious flavor combinations (on shelves in New York and soon on Treatmo), the company has two styles of matcha powder: an organic ceremonial grade matcha (30G) for $28.31--pictured here, and a hyper premium ceremonial grade matcha for $39.20.

Both styles of matcha are available on Treatmo, and you'll earn points with every order through the app for a free treat. Shipping and gifting available now through the MetaMatcha Treatmo store. Read more about

Before your workout, whisk up a cup or bowl of matcha to boost your mental focus and energy the healthy way.

Fluffy Vegans Cinnamon Hug Apple Snacks and MetaMatcha -- both on Treatmo. 

Fluffy Vegans Cinnamon Hug Apple Snacks and MetaMatcha -- both on Treatmo. 

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