How to Sell to Mobile Ready Customers

Is selling food through a website over?

Not quite yet, but there is a new way of doing business that's more efficient than a website and more reliable than social media. It focuses on where customers are searching for information and deciding what to buy most frequently and is a way to be present and sell everywhere your customers go.

A business store front on a customer’s mobile phone, also called a mobile store front, is a powerful way to transact business with customers who spend all of the their time on a mobile device.

The numbers indicate mobile commerce is the way forward. According to an Accenture report, 48% of shoppers say it’s easier to make a purchase by mobile. Consumerist reports that merchants see mobile pay as faster. Customers also tend to make larger purchases when paying by phone.

Mobile ready customers value the ease of being able to discover, order and pay by phone all in one location. By doing so they don’t have to first go to an ATM, hand over cash or credit card, type in search terms to find options nearby, and can keep track of receipts and favorites seamlessly. They also value access to rewards and deals.

One tool reduces the need for separate devices or apps for each of these items and centers on the key values: speed and simplicity. Treatmo has set the standard for mobile store fronts by providing the most user-friendly and convenient store front for the food industry making features, products and operations readily available and clear. Apart from being a business page and showcase, through a Treatmo store front businesses have the ability to take orders, receive payments, issue digital receipts, offer loyalty points and generate promotions.

The Treatmo design consolidates all of the information and functionality from an entire website or Facebook business page into a single, elegant phone screen with powerful ordering and shopping, pop up icons to provide merchant details and values, a map for locations, options for shipping/delivery and pick up, and a scrollable menu/product listing. It also takes less than 15 minutes to go live with an active menu, whereas a website may take weeks to get going and of course, require more to maintain.

If a customer is interested in gluten free food and you have a physical storefront, but also sell at three different farmers markets and deliver, customers can figure it out instantly through the Treatmo business store front. Do you ship packaged food that perishes quickly and requires extended prep times? Users will be able to see what you offer and how, and then order in a tap. 

By establishing a dynamic mobile presence through a business store front, there is opportunity to increase customer engagement and build deep brand loyalty alongside payment activity. As more business shifts from online to mobile, Treatmo provides an easy-to-launch store front that gives customers upfront knowledge and access, is time and cost conscious for merchants and positions business for growth.

Customers are able to share purchases with friends through Treatmo's newsfeed to empower discovery better than any search engine can. And with the launch of our design update this August, business store fronts will steal the show. 

Learn more about Treatmo store fronts today. Our first webinar with more dates scheduled takes place August 10.