Powerful Life Enhancing Powders That Also Taste Great

Scoop a teaspoon into your smoothie, coffee or water.

A beverage that's a pick me up but a bit more too, CocoRau's Superlative Beauty Powder makes adaptogens accessible through tasty formulas with life enhancing properties. 

Adaptogens sound like something you might say 'no, thanks' to. However, hundreds of years of use of adaptogens in ancient chinese and ayurvedic medicine argues differently.

A mix of roots, herbs, plants, mushrooms and minerals, adaptogens have traditionally been used to support balance of the senses by bringing the body back to a normal state in times of stress and anxiety and/or picking the body up at times of exhaustion and depletion. 

CocoRau has delighted New Yorker's with innovative and all natural superfood chocolate bites that combine ingredients like raw cacao, almonds, matcha and coconut, carefully sourced and combined. Owner and founder Konstance, designed the chocolates to support healthy snacking and wellness.

With the success of the crunchy, energy boosting and mood lifting cacao bites, and a proven hand at combining powerful and flavorful foods into inventive healthful products, Konstance Zeller has expanded into adaptogen rich mixable powders.

The first in the line of natural products--the Holy Body Powder--takes what you know as sipping cacao and adds a brilliant mix of ancient minerals, roots and herbs to reduce stress, fight aging and boost immunity. Whether you feel the effects immediately or not, the formula, when mixed with water, milk or into a smoothie, is in fact delicious and a drinking pleasure.

The addition of Superlative Beauty to the Immortal Elixir line focuses in on skin. Through pearl powder, goji, schizandra, tremella, chaga, and tocos rice bran (details below), the blend aims to support cellular renewal and longevity. This rich powder has an overtone of ginger, is soothing to sip and clarifying.

If you're drinking and or eating products with an aim to support health, enjoying the flavor adds a huge benefit and a bit more to life along the way. Konstance's passion for crafting exceptional food that enhances mind and body lends itself well to the line of powders, which achieve a sense of calm and overall balance. 

From $48.00 to $50.00 - the powders are packaged in blue Miron glass to preserve the fragility of the ingredients before consumption. Receive points at CocoRau's Treatmo store every time you order through the app.

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List of ingredients: 

Pearl powder from freshwater or saltwater pearls contains calcium, amino acids, magnesium and minerals lending a porcelain quality to skin and supporting regeneration of collagen.

Goji one of the most nutritionally dense superfoods, rich in vitamin C - the skin vitamin.

Schizandra, beautifies skin and protects skin from damage. Helps skin retain moisture and glow. Also a powerful aide in concentration and memory.

Tremella, the beautiful silver Ear Mushroom, is very popular in China, Tremella mushroom is also highly prized as a youthful skin tonic for a healthy complexion. 

Chaga, known as a medicinal mushroom, contains numerous B vitamins, is rich in antioxidants and minerals, and a powerful enzyme that thwarts oxidation and tissue damage.

Tocos rice bran is derived from sprouted brown rice, rich in vitamin D & E and minerals, all great for the skin.

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