Fluffy Vegans Makes Healthy Snacking Seriously Delicious

Arizona known for awesome hiking trails and challenging terrain for athletes in training, also home to out of this world kale chips.

Training for a marathon or enjoying the most popular hiking in the U.S., Arizona is an often overlooked fitness haven. Flagstaff ranks as a Top 10 Town for High Altitude Running, and both Sedona and the Grand Canyon rank as Top 10 Best Hiking Trips in North America

Arizona also boasts of a growing number of entrepreneurs focused on making healthier and tastier food to not only support active lifestyles but make better alternatives for all. Phoenix is home to an emerging set of innovative food makers delighting with products from locally sourced ingredients. They often have a goal in common: Make food with higher nutrient value, fewer artificial ingredients and fewer bad fats, more accessible.

Kimberly Muro and her husband, both vegan for four years, faced a common struggle of finding food that was enjoyable and 100% plant based. Always inspired by the flavorful food her mother and grandmother made when she was younger, Kimberly set to task using that home grown knowledge and her own creativity to making healthy snacks for the whole family.


With the approval and persuasion of clients at her massage therapy practice and friends, who loved the snacks, she decided to turn her dehydrated kale chips and apple and banana slices into the business, Fluffy Vegans.

Kimberly and her business partner/husband, Casey Ducheneaux, now make the snacks available on Treatmo to customers across the U.S. through shipping and local pick up at Phoenix-area farmers markets, as well as delivery. They are also in a few retail locations, and based on the taste experience we had, this will soon expand. 

Fluffy Vegans Cinnamon Hug, Kale-icious, Banandy.

Fluffy Vegans Cinnamon Hug, Kale-icious, Banandy.

A goal at Treatmo is to make healthier options more accessible. A joy is to find the best made, tastiest items to share through the Treatmo marketplace, because we eat it too; and these are not your ordinary dehydrated fruits and veggies.

Fluffy Vegans healthy snacks are packed with nutrients and vitamins and prepared without oil, which you find in many snacks. An admirable short ingredient list in the kale chips and fruit slices combine to make these snacks magically disappear rather quickly. 

Fluffy Vegans

Fluffy Vegans

Their aim to make snacks for all hits home with clever flavors and ingredients. The kale ships are crunchy and thick with flavor like walnuts, turmeric and bell peppers, along with degrees of heat levels for spice lovers. For something more simple, the lemon kiss apple chips are purely organic apples and a touch of lemon.

The price points are also agreeable for organic food. Comparatively, similar products cost as much as $5.00 for 1.5 ounces, where Fluffy Vegans 4 oz organic Kale-iente chips are $8.00. An 8 oz pack for $14.00 delivers great value, not to mention the nutritional benefit. 

Power food in Fluffy Vegans kale chips like walnuts, nutritional yeast and maple syrup get a lot more interesting when combined into their innovative recipes.

Walnuts -- good source of protein and 'heart healthy fats' and biotin--a great source for strengthening hair and reducing hair fall. Also supports weight management, bone health.

Kale -- contains many nutrients and vitamins including, more calcium per calorie than milk, great for skin, hair and bones and combatting lowering risk of heart disease.  

Maple Syrup -- high in immunity boosting and anti-aging antioxidant compounds and helpful in managing Type 2 diabetes. Described by scientists as 'one-stop shop' for beneficial compounds.  

Nutritional Yeast -- adds a subtle cheese flavor to food and is a complete protein, also a good source of fiber, selenium, folic acid and potassiumm. 

Fluffy Vegan Cinnamon Hug

Fluffy Vegan Cinnamon Hug

Access to locally grown organic ingredients for many is not always possible or easy. The many farms in close proximity to Arizona metropolitan areas inspires food makers and in turn makes their creations, which impart the nutritional and flavor benefits of locally grown organic food, to others. 

Fluffy Vegan founder, Kimberly and son sharing the goodness!

Fluffy Vegan founder, Kimberly and son sharing the goodness!

As a State with three of the sunniest places in the world--Yuma, Tucson and Phoenix--only the heat of the day in the summer limits the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors. But as early risers in the State know, it's the best time of day to take advantage during the warmer months. Support your energy--mental and physical--from start to finish with Fluffy Vegans.

Order now on Treatmo! Keep connected with Fluffy Vegans through their Treatmo store. Enjoy convenience ordering and gifting. Start planning your Christmas shopping now!

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