Treatmo Taps into Food Innovation At The Hyper Local Level

Going to a farmers market on a Saturday you might not expect to see a line for sauerkraut. But it's happening in Arizona. It's not just casual interest of passersby, and there is that too. It's repeat customers stocking up for the week.

The rising interest in food transparency, nutrition and minimally processed food is driving entrepreneurs to create and even reinvent entire categories in the industry. In Arizona, where entrepreneurs have direct access to fresh produce at organic farms, innovative food makers have been rapidly growing in number and gaining momentum.  

In a climate of heightened consumer interest about food origins and production, food makers in Arizona and across the U.S. are proving they can wow through tastier and healthier options through local ingredients and make nutrients more accessible.

People are seeking real food and want to support their local community. We are becoming more aware that food IS medicine and consuming locally grown/produced food can be the best thing for our health and wellbeing.
— Suzette Smith, Garden Goddess Ferments, Arizona

From locally-made organic juice that's packed with nutrients to sauerkraut from local farms rich in probiotics and all natural and organic biscotti with seasonal ingredients, all natural food options intent on delivering flavor and satisfaction are exploding in Arizona.

What's different today from last year is the technology that makes accessing this great food more efficient. Emerging food businesses--from meal delivery to pantry products--in Arizona are embracing a new technology that makes their products more visible, easier to reach and buy locally and nationally. 

With simple functionality that shows what food is nearby at a local market, what delivers or what ships and fast checkout, through Treatmo app local makers now have a better way, beyond a single website with static information, for their products to reach more people faster, save time and through loyalty rewards, help customers save money over time too. 

Top Arizona Food Makers Available in Treatmo App

Treatmo supports an increasing number of these innovative businesses in Arizona producing all natural products with awareness and tools to build locally and also gain attention nationally. While locals can learn about a business and order quickly through a Treatmo store front, visitors passing through Arizona (8th most visited State, 2014) can readily see the healthy options in a tap and plan pick up or delivery. 

The Treatmo marketplace is a social app where consumers come to shop and share from across the U.S. and where businesses can open store fronts quickly to create awareness, present all business details in one snapshot including values like gluten free, vegan and soon Non-GMO and nut free, that make maintaining specific diets and lifestyle concerns a lot simpler. 

No Glutes About It's amazing no bake tiramisu. A must have! No refined sugars, all natural ingredients.

No Glutes About It's amazing no bake tiramisu. A must have! No refined sugars, all natural ingredients.

Treatmo paves the way to local, nutrient dense and what is often gourmet food seamlessly. By using Treatmo, consumers experience faster checkout, less handling or mishandling of cards and cash, easily trackable orders and business information that is more transparent and accessible. 

Daddy's Gourmet Herb Farm Mesa, Arizona

Daddy's Gourmet Herb Farm Mesa, Arizona

A common theme amongst these small businesses is a genuine interest in crafting high quality products, creating efficiency to reduce food waste and helping people get the food that helps them live well without barriers.

If you can't make it to the market, don't fret because shipping and delivery are options (when available) through the app supporting all sales channels of local makers and your time schedule. 

Get ready to experience refreshing new access to Arizona food entrepreneurs and chefs this fall as the Treatmo market grows! Start eating and filling your kitchen with fresh, high quality goods today. Use Treatmo to make restocking easy.

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