Creating Food Efficiency At The Farmers Market

What word comes to mind when you think 'farmers markets'? Is it strolling? Because in fact there are over 1,030,000 results for the Google search string "strolling through the farmers market." This funny parody from The Onion puts that into extreme focus.

From Los Angeles to Des Moines to Durham people are strolling through farmers markets. If you aren't strolling you might be a chef intentfully seeking fresh, seasonal ingredients to surprise and delight restaurant patrons. But there's also another group discovering the value of the local markets.

Beyond fresh greens and fruit, farmers markets are becoming hot beds for food innovation. Through food makers and value-added products from farmers, you can find everything from heirloom flour and jam to fresh pantry and kitchen staples made from locally grown food.

Fat Uncle Farms on Treatmo. Los Angeles area farmers markets.

Fat Uncle Farms on Treatmo. Los Angeles area farmers markets.

The benefit to the consumer is massive. Food made with local ingredients is fresher, more flavorful and more nutritious. At the farmers market you'll also find greater transparency as food makers work towards cleaner food with more pure ingredients.

The element that connects the strollers to the chefs to the food makers and farms even more directly is technology. Now working with top farmers market vendors across the U.S., Treatmo puts local options in your pocket, making access clear and easy.

Through the business store fronts in the Treatmo marketplace, food has the opportunity to move faster and more intelligently, benefitting farmers, farmers markets and consumers improving the system for all while reducing waste at the same time.

Managing inventory 

With the ability to pre-order items, makers and farmers can better gauge inventory pre-market. In the summer in particular when food has a higher chance of spoiling, getting those pre-orders makes it easier to prepare for market. Not to mention, receiving funds to make the product in advance helps small businesses manage more efficiently for growth opportunities.

Satisfying Every Customer

For many people going to the market, it's not like a daily trip to the grocery store 5 minutes down the road. When customer favorites run out quickly, it's a big disappointment to arrive and have nothing to take away. Getting customers to reserve items through an app by ordering in advance, ensures everyone has a happy journey to and from the market.

Ensuring satisfaction at the market is key to growing and maintaining a loyal customer base. 

controlling Visibility

With the great food available at the farmers market, it's a shame to go undiscovered. But, between farmers market websites, vendor websites and social media, it's not always clear where what you've seen online will actually be available. For consumers, knowing before going--or certainty--drives more people out, especially if they know something delicious awaits.

Removing the guess work ensures this great food will hit a home run.

Mastering sales channels

For many small businesses and farms, managing a website and keeping customers current with all of their sales channels is a Herculean task. Maintaining each sales channel (delivery, shipping, pick up), seasonal farmers market locations, hours and menu items and photos, falls behind and customers suffer. 

Better touch points and clearer information helps customers get to farmers markets and/or their favorite items faster minus the hassle.

Attracting Out-of-towners 

Farmers markets are ideal events to learn about a locale through the food and people. At the same time, many people look for diet continuity when they travel for work or pleasure to enjoy the same style of food they have at home. Whether that's a diet focused on plant based, gluten free or vegetarian food, knowing those options are available and nearby when traveling reduces time wasted looking.

Farmhouse Chocolates and Ice Cream. Burlington, Vermont farmers markets.

Farmhouse Chocolates and Ice Cream. Burlington, Vermont farmers markets.

The farmers market often has the best freshly made almond milk, tortillas or cheese that grocery stores ship in from miles away. For people who want to eat good food and makers at farmers markets who have it, matching the two creates success all around. It's simply a matter of awareness and access. 

Treatmo App is the first technology to pave the way to revolutionary access to food at farmers markets. By putting menus, products, locations and business details in hand and nearby through a marketplace of dynamic business store fronts, Treatmo creates faster pathways to real food--helping both businesses and consumers succeed at home and on the road.

To see what's nearby you right now and prepare for an upcoming market, learn more. Or get the app now and start shopping.

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