How Time is the Key Ingredient in the Kitchen

Time is often the food industry’s biggest challenge. More than any other industry, it always seems that individuals in the food scene need more than a 24-hour day. The food industry is the ultimate paradox, because the industry is so innovative and passionate about cuisine yet these decision makers and Chefs are behind in the other aspects of the kitchen; involving both the front and back of the house.

Restaurant employees are most stressed during the lunch or dinner time rush. It feels as if customers are stampeding through the front doors, giving the kitchen the feeling that twenty people are breathing down their necks. That situation often has to be dealt with in a reactive way and unless you’re a mind reader, you won’t be able to predict all the correct orders in anticipation for that rush. But other situations allow for a more proactive approach, with real solutions.

A laundry list of tedious tasks usually defines the day to day operations of restaurant managers, chefs and employees. For the most part, these tasks can be expedited and simplified through technology. One of the biggest time waste for restaurants is the process of ordering products. Until recently, consumers primarily cared about the final product on their plate. While that is starting to change due to the farm to table craze, consumers are largely in the dark about how the restaurant gathers their ingredients.

Whoever orders products and supplies deals with a juggling act of epic proportions. These ordering managers and chefs have to connect to each supplier through different communication channels; a call to your produce supplier, a text to butcher and a fax to your alcohol distributor can get their head spinning which often causes missed or incorrect orders, which is a leading cause to food waste in the kitchen. So what if there was a way to cut down those missed orders, and pick up six free hours a week within one application?

Apps, such as BlueCart, are leading the charge to solve these issues within the kitchen. The order management app allows restaurants to place all orders in one click while providing access to real-time analytics, order history and in-app messaging. Take back your operations and the clock with BlueCart.


Matthew Katz is a Marketing Associate at BlueCart, a free communication platform that helps streamline the ordering process between restaurants and suppliers. Download BlueCart today.