Best Summer Road Trip Eats

From matcha tea and granola to scheduling stops at local farmers markets for fresh food on the road, here are your summer road trip food essentials. 

The snacks you choose for you and your crew is the foundation for road trip success.

Splurging in the chip, drink and candy aisles of the local grocery store is always the last -- but most important -- thing to do before the journey kicks off. Those familiar sweet and savory sweets scream road trip fun. But a couple of hours into the trip after emptying one bag of high sugar treat after another, the sugar low hits and the car turns silent and anxious.

Are we there yet? 

If you're a person who eats healthy all the time, you're looking for slightly healthier road trip food selections. But in many neighborhoods across the U.S. the options are slim. Many grocery store chains don't carry snacks and drinks that aren't loaded in fructose or sodium. The fact is there are many options beyond what you see on the shelves.

The Treatmo marketplace puts food options that lean towards the healthier side, right at your fingertips. The businesses in the app are also smaller and more local. Before you head out on your trip, make a plan to stock up a week before to get the good stuff to help you and your friends stay energized and happy on the road.

We've also mixed in a few farmers market stops. Many businesses in Treatmo are also vendors at their local farmers market making great tasting fresh food easy to access. Order form the app before you go and schedule pick up on route! 

If you have Treatmo installed already, tap on an image to order!

1) Hi-FiBar -- vegan, gluten free, low glycemic snack bars and granola

These crunchy yummy bars and granola are made in New Jersey, are high in fiber and have no additional sugar added. They come in several natural flavors, are healthy, kind and delicious. You'll taste the difference in this clean snack bar from Hi-FiBar. Order on Treatmo.

2) Cafe Emporos - hand drip coffee with a selection of roasts from Linea Caffe.

These coffee satchels are ideal for your road trip. Get a fresh cup of coffee wherever you are. Keep a canister of hot water and you're good to go. Many hotels have microwaves too so, it's easy to heat up water and create a delicious cup of coffee pretty much anywhere. Linea Caffe roasts are single origin, organic and fair trade direct from small farms. Enter to win in our Giveaway!

3) Farmhouse Chocolates + Ice Cream -- locally made caramels and chocolates (vegan options), all soy free.

While on your road trip stop by the town farmers market. You won't get a better feel for a place than you will from it's local food and crafts. In Burlington, Vermont, Farmhouse Chocolates has several market days where you can pick up items you pre-order on Treatmo. Plan your food as you go right through the app!

4) Matcha Tea -- organic and fair trade from top tea shop Physical GraffiTea in New York City.

Matcha is a perfect travel drink. Be sure to pack a whisk and small whisking bowl. A gorgeous blend of mild-flavored matcha that is slightly sweet and full of antioxidants can be found at Physical GraffiTea in Treatmo app. Order your matcha and whisk from their Treatmo store, and explore their many other tea options.

5) B Naked Chocolates -- Hemp Cacao Truffles

These hemp truffles travel extremely well -- to your mouth! With each bite you're also getting essential fatty acids, antioxidants and minerals. Local Arizona business, B Naked Chocolates, is run by a former competitive athlete. She makes clean eating easy with raw treats minus the refined sugar, salt, dairy or gluten. Somehow she also makes them incredibly mouth watering too. Choose from a wide selection of chocolates, macaroons and healthy bars.

6) Fat Uncle Farms - almonds, almond milk, honey, almond butter and more. 

Be sure to pack a cooler on your road trip. There are so many options of all sizes and conveniences. Eddie Bauer has some great ones. You're going to need it for the good food that you find at farmers markets on your trip. Fat Uncle Farms makes the best almond milk from their farm of sustainably grown raw and unpasteurized almonds.

Find them at various Los-Angeles area markets throughout the week and weekend. Pre-order food you want on Treatmo and schedule pick up. Treatmo makes it easy to communicate with the business, grab your purchase and go. 

7) VROU -- clean, hydrating and cooling beverage with essential nutrients.

You're going to need your fun beverages on your trip. Stock up on VROU (delivery in New York City through Treatmo) for one of the best sports drinks. VROU has no sugar, electrolytes and triple filtered water, B vitamins, magnesium, calcium plus other essential nutrients and zero calories. Their flavors are awesome. See their store on Treatmo for more details!

Explore our Summer Road Trip Giveaway for more essential snacking ideas plus a triple pack of treats to win! Comment below if you don't have an Apple device and wish to enter the contest! Android on the way. Learn more about Treatmo.