Simple Jasmine Oolong Whoopie Pies for Summer

Summer is in full effect and in celebration of the warmer months calendars are full of parties and kickbacks. Of course, it's a crime to go empty handed. 

Instead of humming and hawing about what to take, go for the delicious and easy choice: The whoopie pie. A treat that everyone loves and is super easy to make will please your host and guests will be impressed.

Desserts can often look more complicated to prepare than they are in actuality. One chef and food maker, Terre Botanicals, helps you along with pre-prepped ingredients that remove some of the effort and make baking even more fun. 

This whoopie pie recipe from A Kingdom of A Cake -- thank you! -- is in fact really fun and doesn't take long at all. Substituting some of the steps and ingredients with Terre Botanicals Jasmine Oolong finishing sugar (instead of steeping tea) and Fat Uncle Farms sonora wheat flour (both available on Treatmo), we made this easier and healthier. 

The finishing sugar is made with a Jasmine Oolong edible essential oil. When you open the bag that it comes in from Terre Botanicals, the scent is glorious. You'll love diving into this and trying it with many recipes. Check out their store on Treatmo and open up a world of endless baking possibilities.

Baking tip: Did you know that the sugar should weigh the same as, or slightly more, than the flour?

For the cakes: 
130 g soft unsalted butter (a little over 4 ounces)
150 g soft brown sugar (just under 2/3)
1 tbsp Jasmine Oolong Finishing Sugar
1 egg
350 g plain flour (2 1/3 cups) substitue Fat Uncle Farms Sonora Wheat Flour (it is slightly heavier so adjust accordingly but it's packed with nutrition)
1 1/2 tsp bicarbonate soda
1 tsp salt
150 ml replaced buttermilk with fresh almond milk -- add a drop or two of apple cider vinegar to achieve the buttermilk tartness (just under 2/3)

For the filling (we simplified this a lot from the original recipe which calls for cream cheese (only because we don't like cream cheese). But it's a filling so you can do pretty much anything you want. Have fun and explore!):

1 cup of whipping cream
3 tablespoons of Jasmine Oolong finishing sugar (use your own judgment to gauge sweetness)
1 teaspoon of vanilla

We skipped the topping, here from the original in case you want to add.

For the topping
150 g melted white chocolate (3/4 cup)
dry jasmine flower or daisy wafers to decorate

Good source for conversions

Preheat the oven to 180 C/350 F/ gas 4


1) Beat the butter, sugar and Jasmine Oolong sugar, until light and fluffy, then beat in the egg.

2) In a separate bowl combine the dry ingredients.

3) Fold half of dry ingredients into the butter mixture, add the almond milk, then the rest of the dry ingredients.

4) Prepare 2 tins and using a piping bag (can find at your local grocery store) and plain nozzle, then pipe 12 rounds on each of the trays, 5 cm (2in ) in diameter. Set them well apart as they will expand.

5) Bake for 12 to 15 minutes, or until the cakes bounce back when pressed. Place at the wire rack to cool down.

Whip the cream until firm, add the sugar and vanilla, taste to your preference. Use the piping bag to layer the filling onto a half of the cake and press together! 

Whoopie pies with Terre Botanicals Jasmine Oolong Sugar and Fat Uncle Farms Sonora Flour, paired with  Nzinga Knights Brooklyn Brewed Sorrel  and  Raw Mango Turmeric Cupcakes .

Whoopie pies with Terre Botanicals Jasmine Oolong Sugar and Fat Uncle Farms Sonora Flour, paired with Nzinga Knights Brooklyn Brewed Sorrel and Raw Mango Turmeric Cupcakes.

Want to try the recipe? We'd love to see wha you come up with. Comment below and we'll treat you to the Terre Botanicals and Fat Uncle Farms ingredients so that you can give it a shot! *US shipping only. 

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