Brooklyn Food Maker Brings Finely Crafted Sorrel To Your Table

When creativity and inspiration run through your veins, there is little stopping the energy to do more. For entrepreneur, Nzinga Knight an award-winning designer based in New York City, expression of imagination through dress, and now beverage making, gives even more people everywhere a taste of her extraordinary talent.

From a vibrant home in Brooklyn steeped in Caribbean culture and heritage, Nzinga had exposure to numerous creative influences growing up. From this backdrop, and an inner drive to continually create, Brooklyn Brewed Sorrel came to life. 

Sorrel is a spiced, floral beverage that improves with age, based on the sorrel flower, a species of hibiscus--also known as roselle--that blooms in December in parts the Caribbean and originated in West Africa. A traditional drink around the holidays in Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago, many families have recipes for Sorrel that reach back over several generations. 

Giving more people the opportunity to experience and enjoy sorrel, Nzinga Knight has taken this traditional beverage, one typically made at home, and crafted the elegant and premium, Brooklyn Brewed Sorrel. 

The delightful, smooth, modestly sweet taste with the subtle spice notes from cloves, allspice, cinnamon and ginger, make Brooklyn Brewed Sorrel a refreshing drink to enjoy with or without alcohol, with meals, as a mocktail or with rum. Using natural ingredients and striking the perfect balance of sweet and tart, without being overly sweet, Brooklyn Brewed Sorrel is special treat. 

The health benefits of sorrel are also well known. It's high in vitamin C, magnesium and potassium as well as antioxidants including polyphenols, well known for anti-aging properties.

As a maker at heart, her high attention to craftsmanship and detail has been celebrated as both an award recipient of the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) and contestant on Emmy-Award winning series, Project Runway, amongst many other accomplishments.

As a designer I do adventurous and bold things in my work and career.
— Nzinga Knight

Elevating style of modern-design to luxury fashion for women that inspires allure and mystery by revealing less, she has proven fearless in her innovations, bucking trends and achieving success in doing so. She reveals a lot more through the rich complex flavor of Nzinga Knight's Brooklyn Brewed Sorrel, while retaining a sense of the exquisite.

Her talent for recipes has found a home at Brooklyn FoodWorks -- a commercial kitchen and food entrepreneur mentoring and educational organization in New York. Brooklyn Brewed Sorrel now six months old, ships across the U.S. through Treatmo and Nzinga Knight's website. Pick up options are also available. Please see details in the app--Android on the way. 

As summer kicks off, you'll want to add Brooklyn Brewed Sorrel to your table, cafe or restaurant. Order now. Because the product is made in small batches, allow 2 to 3 days before your package ships out.

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