The Energy Shot Of The Future Fueling Athletes Today

You may be training harder than ever to prepare for the Olympics, the US Open or New York Marathon in November, or aiming for your best during an after work run or lifting session. As an athlete everyday is an opportunity to push to the next level and reach new heights for yourself and your team. 

Regardless of the goal, sports success comes down to consistent high levels of performance and brief moments of extraordinary power and judgement. For elite athletes, to reach and stay at this level requires phenomenal exertion with precise execution. This is where proper nutrition is critical in fueling optimal performance.

Jack McNamara, a former hockey pro, knows this well and is aware of the challenges athletes face in getting the best nutrition to power their game. As a top competitor, he wanted an energy boost that wasn't artificial, overly sweetened or caffeinated that also delivered essential nutrients. Through his quest for a more natural and healthful energy lift, TruEnergy was born.

TruEnergy is the first sports beverage for athletes infused with natural ingredients, including multivitamins and energy to form a tasty shot that is revitalizing, rehydrating and reenergizing all at once. Most of all, it lifts mental and physical energy to assist that push to the goal.

It comes in a shot size bottle that's easily portable with the right amount of liquid for a quick recharge. The bottle, with an easy twist off top, was designed by Jack and is BPA free and also completely environmentally friendly -- the bottle portion is made from recyclable PET and the cap is of PP plastic.

The real innovation, however, is what's inside. Formulated by elite athletes, TruEnergy is infused with natural ingredients and antioxidant rich polyphenols. Key vitamins, including eight B-complex along with A and E, support elevated cognition and help convert protein into fuel. 

Green tea provides caffeine in balanced  portions for a burst of sustained energy without the ensuing crash -- a weakness of many other sport drinks that have excessive caffeine and sugar levels.

Lastly, TruEnergy restores electrolytes that are lost during intense activity and perspiration. Using coconut water as a base, TruEnergy supplies four major electrolytes so that athletes maintain muscle function without fatigue, stay hydrated and optimize balance. Coconut water also supplies essential carbs and unrefined sugars.

Most athletes eat a massive, hard to swallow multivitamin daily to overcome vitamin deficiencies. TruEnergy comes as an easily digestible alternative that supplies the right dosage for endurance and health.

The combination of these elements elevates TruEnergy to a true power shot and resets what athletes should expect from a sports beverage. The drink delivers pure performance without overdosing on stimulants which may have negative consequences for those pushing their bodies to extremes.

TruEnergy also takes dietary considerations into account. The drink is vegan (no animal-based ingredients), loaded with anti-oxidants, non-GMO, gluten free, soy free and is slightly sweetened by maple syrup and stevia, all of which are good for health, performance and even the planet.

With so much intelligence and thought put into formulating TruEnergy to benefit the body on so many different levels and by keeping it simple and uncomplicated, it is the energy shot of the future, and a healthy functional solution for athletes worldwide focused on wellbeing in tandem with their quest for success.

TruEnergy is available for pre-order on Treatmo for delivery on July 1, 2016. The Citrus-Mango flavor comes in 4 or 16 packs. Learn more on