Food Makers Flourish at Brooklyn FoodWorks

When searching for artisan style food products that are hand made, use natural, minimally processed ingredients, and make you feel as if you're getting back to an iconic farmhouse lifestyle, it usually requires a 100 mile drive into the countryside. Up until recently, that was the case. But it's not any more.  

The new style of food making, that has a do-it-yourself, straight from the kitchen feel to it, is happening in America's busiest city and shows no signs of stopping. Brooklyn is home to a burgeoning culinary movement that is characterized by traditional methods for making food, an appreciation for authentic flavors and textures, and an ability to show imagination in the kitchen that is both intelligent and inspiring.

According to the New York Times, "The borough has become an incubator for a culinary-minded generation whose idea of fun is learning how to make something delicious and finding a way to sell it."

The creative drive and growth of the Brooklyn food making community has been aided by proximity of commercial kitchens that see their role not only as providers of shared kitchen space, but also sources of business services to help food entrepreneurs succeed. Brooklyn FoodWorks, a 10,000 square foot facility located between the Williamsburg and Bed-Stuy neighborhoods, has taken this type of incubator approach for food makers and has seen success.

Main lobby of the old Pfizer Building where Brooklyn FoodWorks operates on the 2nd floor.

Main lobby of the old Pfizer Building where Brooklyn FoodWorks operates on the 2nd floor.

According to NY Economic Development Council, "Brooklyn FoodWorks will provide food entrepreneurs with not just the kitchen space, but also many of the tools and mentorship opportunities they need to thrive...."

The business resources include personalized mentorship, procurement assistance, product testing and feedback, ancillary services, and industry workshops and events. All of these services, in addition to the state-of-the-art kitchens, are intended to provide local food making community with a  platform for prototyping, launching and growing innovative food businesses.

Brooklyn FoodWorks is aided by a team of dedicated food professionals who want to see the food makers succeed within a nurturing community based on trust and shared learning. Edie Feinstein, Managing Director, is driven to assist the makers with their entrepreneurial goals in this regard. Per an interview with FoodStand she says, "The most rewarding aspect is when I see our members out in the real world...and BKFW made products on the shelves in grocery stores and around town. Seeing their success makes it all worth it."

As part of Brooklyn FoodWorks industry workshop and events program, Treatmo recently met food makers to present and explain how emerging tech for mobile selling helps fresh products stand out. Whether food makers sell at pop-ups or farmers markets, have a physical storefront, do meal delivery, or ship after receiving orders, Treatmo's universal payments app and mobile store front allows merchants to take orders and payment instantly, create awareness, and expand growth.

Treatmo's digital store front for food makers is more than a maker summary. It's a tool for customers to gain business confidence, acquire essential merchant details and make more informed buying decisions. Food makers can upload unlimited items in the searchable and scrollable menu and customers can checkout through an efficient shopping cart with a couple taps.

While most website stores take a week or more to set up and require regular maintenance, the Treatmo store front can become active in less than 10 minutes. With this quick setup, food makers can be immediately visible by mobile phone and can instantly start processing their first order. By creating a store front, merchants build awareness not only among customers, but also among retailers, restaurants and cafes, too. The community expands daily creating momentum and branding for participants.

Users can search food maker store fronts and menu or product listings in the app's innovative marketplace of natural and organic products, cafes, restaurants, and food delivery businesses. The goal of establishing a marketplace of similar merchants in the app is to create easy access and new pathways to amazing food through one source and connect all of the dots for customers.

Treatmo's chat feature makes it fun for customers to converse about purchases and even buy for friends in the app, creating buzz and awareness for new products. Food makers can market directly to users as well with loyalty programs, promo codes, volume based pricing, and by using the messaging feature. This 'mobile first' strategy is key since food makers can market to and accept payments from customers all on their mobile phones, especially as usage of mobile phones for product discovery and shopping increases.

Recent additions in Treatmo from Brooklyn Foodworks include an outstanding and innovative take on a Caribbean heritage beverage, Nzinga Knight's Brooklyn Brewed Sorrel, and a healthy and powerful coffee-based energy drink for active lifestyle individuals by Metabrew.

As Brooklyn FoodWorks expands and helps new businesses launch, food makers will continue to flourish and food entrepreneurs in Brooklyn will have the opportunity to combine time-honored food making philosophies with mobile shopping cart and payments tech like Treatmo to produce amazing food and get it into the hands of those who want it instantly.

Brooklyn FoodWorks is located at 630 Flushing Avenue in Brooklyn in the old Pfizer Building. Take the G Train to Flushing.

Download Treatmo for free on iTunes and order from the food makers with a few taps. They'll appreciate that you've joined the community! To open a storefront, contact Treatmo. Merchant FAQs.