Getting beyond the shared office coffee bacteria trap that it is

The liquid sunshine sitting in your office break room that gets you through everyday has its perks but some big drawbacks. While you assume office equipment receives regular maintenance, if you've ever had to deal with a broken printer, you know this might not always be true.

So it goes with the coffee machine. A research report from November 2015, "The coffee-machine bacteriome: biodiversity and colonisation of the wasted coffee tray leach," shared results on a study of home and office coffee machine-associated bacteria. The report name sums up the crises pretty well. There are enough skin crawly words in that title to make a person swear off office coffee forever. 

Widely circulated in media earlier this year, we're assuming your coffee machine is still a carnival for bacteria inspite of the research. The study of Nespresso machines revealed 37 to 67 different types of bacteria thriving in the drip tray. You can read more at Fast Company and Daily Mail.

While no one is falling over from office coffee, yet, the research is evidence enough that perhaps being more selective about the source of your coffee is a good idea.

Aside from the nasty habitat for germs brewing in your office break room, and whether that bugs you or not, there's a bigger issue. Office coffee tastes really bad. It's neither fresh or flavorful and often the origin is unknown.

Fortunately, we're not stuck with it. A new company based in Arizona, Cafe Emporos, has created a way for you to enjoy great coffee wherever you go. Working with top roaster, Linea Caffe, in San Francisco, Cafe Emporos pour over coffee satchels are transportable and ready to use. Just add hot water.

A Cleaner Cup Of Coffee At The Office

While you might not be able to control the environment at your office, you can guarantee a good cup of coffee. Cafe Emporos satchels are simple to use and more mindful with eco-friendly packaging.

Simply, tear off the top where it says 'Open.' Pull out the paper arms (front and back) and hook onto the side of your cup. Pour in hot water. 

The price is also going to be more reasonable than that cup of coffee you buy everyday before you get to the office. The Cafe Emporos Office Pack will supply you with 10 satchels for $15.00, which comes out to a little over $1.50 a cup for premium organic and fair trade coffee when you add shipping. 

The bonus of ordering from Cafe Emporos on Treatmo is the reward. When you reach 30 points, you receive 7 free coffee satchels with your next order. 

Also available in individual grab and go packs! Perfect for travel. 

Also available in individual grab and go packs! Perfect for travel. 

We're addicted to them here at the Treatmo HQ in Arizona. Tastier and healthier coffee is a few taps away from you too in Treatmo app. You work hard, so treat yourself to better coffee. And if you're looking to give someone a gift, it's easy to do on Treatmo.  

Enjoy 20% off with promotion code cafe16 when you checkout on Treatmo until July 8th for Local First Arizona Independents Week! See more details in the Cafe Emporos Treatmo store front!

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Cafe Emporos Office Pack

Cafe Emporos Office Pack

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