Treatmo App Helps Arizona Businesses Standout

Transparency, community and honesty are often attributes associated with locally-owned businesses. Cities across the U.S. along with technology are renewing enthusiasm and awareness of these values. The good thing is local businesses shine bright here in Arizona and get a big boost from organizations that champion them.

Local First Arizona supports local businesses and celebrates local this week during Independents Week, encouraging all to get out and explore. Founders Kimber Lanning and Cindy Dach started Local First Arizona in 2003 with a simple mission:

Local First Arizona seeks to promote, support, and celebrate a vibrant and sustainable Arizona economy by educating citizens about local business ownership, social equity, cultural diversity, environmental kinship, and collaboration.
— Local First Arizona

Also in support of local and growing in Arizona is Treatmo app. Since launching with a prototype in New York at the end of 2014, the company has expanded beyond to centers of agriculture like Arizona and California. Treatmo's technology aims to support local businesses and connect people to organic and sustainable food.  

Arizona Businesses On Treatmo App

Learn more about each business in their Treatmo store front. 

The app empowers discovery through mobile store fronts showcasing business features and filters to locate what's nearby. A live stream of orders made by friends, further gives local makers, often overshadowed by large marketplaces where more standard fare flourishes, a level playing field for reach and exposure.

With the capacity of the app to inform users about what's near them for in store payment or pickup in addition to what ships, Treatmo emboldens shoppers with channels of access. Instead of ordering an item online, why not pick it up at the pop up down the street if available. By making food and food access more transparent, Treatmo creates greater awareness and supports growth. 

And because makers and chefs in the app also have the ability to ship -- whether the business is a restaurant with full menu including select items for shipping or a food maker with one product -- Treatmo gives people across the U.S. the opportunity to explore Arizona food and culture. 

Download the app to order directly from small businesses in Arizona and earn rewards at participating places. From nationally known makers like Terre Botanicals to food startups like Cafe Emporos (coffee), Treatmo app encourages more people to order from local businesses, and puts food within reach in a few taps. The word-of-mouth technology of the app keeps places top of mind for ordering 24/7. 

The enthusiasm for local and direct-from-owner is for good reason. Quality and freshness is more reliable, and through a marketplace of like-minded businesses there is more natural connectivity between businesses and consumers that helps build community. 

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