Treatmo Revolutionizes Ordering by Placing POS Systems on Customers' Phones

Restaurant POS systems are a crucial part of the business. They often determine how efficient a business will run and how quickly merchants can take and process orders. The right POS system can mean the difference between customers standing in line and complaining or happily enjoying their food.

Today many vendors now offer a mobile POS system (mPOS) which works on an iPad and can be carried to the table by the server to process the order immediately. Some mPOS systems sit prominently on the customer’s table which can be seen most noticeably in some airports around the country.

Treatmo has taken this one step further and put the POS system directly on customers' smart phones. By doing so, the customer is able to view menu choices at their leisure, place the order when they're ready, and pay themselves -- a process referred to as self-pay or mobile pay.

Putting the payment activity into the hands of the customer has noticeable benefits for businesses. The payment transaction occurs faster -- no need to count cash or swipe a card, customers can order at their convenience freeing up waitstaff to focus on getting the food, and receipts are instant and managed within the customers phone. As a result, less servers are needed to wait on tables.

More importantly, customers can order at any time -- before they arrive at the restaurant or while they're in the restaurant. Because Treatmo is social, friends can even pay for other friends or treat them to a meal and chat about it which expands the customer base of the business.

Treatmo’s mobile payments app goes beyond restaurants and cafes. Food merchants use the app to sell at pop ups or farmers markets, take orders for products that ship, and even accept delivery orders. We believe in a future of food where everything is connected to promote access, visibility and awareness of natural, local and better for you options.

Treatmo’s advanced mPOS technology makes ordering at food establishments seamless and hyper efficient. It reduces wait times to place orders and gives ownership of purchasing to customers, liberating restaurants and food makers to focus on what they do best, crafting great food.

Set up a customer centric mPOS system with Treatmo in minutes. Contact us.