Sauce Highlight: Bacchanal Pepper Sauce from Brooklyn

The rise of Brooklyn food makers is exciting for food lovers, including at home chefs. But as more makers come out with products based on natural ingredients, minus any funny stuff, it's a signal to everyone that healthier options are becoming more available. It's also becoming an expectation by consumers that food meets these new standards. 

Talented chefs and makers continue to inspire us with their inventive and natural food creations from Brooklyn, New York to Phoenix, Arizona. Treatmo is the marketplace that ties everything together with the essential link to the food and fresh ideas with wellness at the core.

We met the maker of Bacchanal Sauce Sonya Samuel recently--a rising star in the food world and on Treatmo. And we finally had a chance to sample her amazing Bacchanal Pepper Sauce, also featured in the New York Times

She started her Caribbean hot pepper sauce in 2013. It's called Bacchanal because like Sonya says, "It's like a party, you have revelers, you have people enjoying themselves, and when you have the pepper sauce that's what I feel like you're doing."

And like a party, the combination of ingredients in the pepper sauce brings the fun. From fruit, garlic, mustard and tamarind to scotch bonnet peppers--one of the hottest peppers in the world--this sauce truly is a celebration. Notably, there is no added sugar.

The texture is thick, and the combination of peppers and heat inducing foods really gives it a spike, but not overwhelming. One thing we know, the flavorful recipe makes your food and tastebuds dance. 

Our own recipe was really simple so as to maximize the sauce experience.


Mix two tablespoons of olive oil with a 1/3 cup of Bacchanal Sauce in a bowl. With a wooden spoon, blend florets from half a small organic cauliflower into the mix. Sprinkle Terre Botanicals Piment d'Ville salt over the top to finish -- also available on Treatmo. Serving size one or two.

Bake at 375 degrees until desired tenderness, and serve over a bed of kale. Delicious!

Bacchanal Pepper Sauce and Cauliflower

Terre Botanicals Piment d'Ville from Phoenix Farmers Markets finishes the dish with a dash of basque red chile -- on Treatmo. 

Terre Botanicals Piment d'Ville from Phoenix Farmers Markets finishes the dish with a dash of basque red chile -- on Treatmo. 

Read more about Bacchanal Pepper Sauce. Order on Treatmo and discover amazing products in the Bacchanal Sauce Treatmo store, including meal prep for local delivery and pick up! More on that soon! Shipping available for the sauces and jams. See the app for details.

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