Mobile Ordering And Pay Fuels Next Level Growth

The number of smart phone users in the U.S. is now over 200 million people. Smart phones give users convenience and speed wherever they are. Used for searching for things they need on the spot or learning about something they want to buy, smart phones give consumers immediate information and decision making power.

Ordering food by phone--whether market fresh or pantry items--anytime and anywhere for shipping or local pick up is the next practical step. Enterprising food business will go places by connecting with smart phone users and providing a mobile ordering and payment option to customers. Here's why: 

1.  Ordering convenience - customers feel good when they have ownership over the purchasing experience. They want to pay when they want, even ahead of time. Mobile payments lets them order when they get the craving, even if it's in the middle of the night. It also lets them plan ahead with your business in mind.

2.  Efficient transactions - when staff no longer have to take orders and process the payment, they can focus on customer service and making the in-store experience amazing. And, Treatmo lets you sell from anywhere: at a physical storefront, a farmers market or popup, for meal delivery, and for shipping out products to replace your online store with unlimited product listings.

3.  Discovery - when your business is constantly on a customer's mobile phone, they are more likely to buy from you. Mobile payment apps that create marketplaces assist with location-based discovery of your business that's quick and efficient.

4.  Frictionless purchasing - having a mobile shopping cart means that customers can purchase with a few taps. Because it is so easy and frictionless, they are less likely to abandon there shopping cart and more likely to get used to using it. Since they don't have to pull out a wallet, ordering becomes effortless and fluid which encourages constant buying and larger orders.

5.  Accelerating growth - making it easy to pay is an intangible that raises growth rates. Business flows through the path of least resistance and that creates big opportunities for your company.

6.  Easy marketing - add loyalty, promotions, one-to-one chat with merchants, and image sharing and you get a marketing machine on customer phones, the same device on which they'll order making it easy for people to buy once they're motivated, again and again.

Treatmo mobile payment app and merchant platform does all of this instantly and set-up takes 10 minutes -- from start to adding a few items to activation. Treatmo powers your business with mobile ordering capability, including easy checkout and frictionless order validation from any mobile device. All mobile marketing features are included in the technology and run automatically after set up. Treatmo is the mobile ordering app and POS system of the future to take your business to new heights.

Get the app. Open a store front.