Convenience, Speed and Simplicity

Everyday is a race. The key is to create simplicity wherever you can to make it less complicated and achieve more life balance.

With Treatmo 1.7--the first part of two big updates coming to the app this summer--we move one step closer to the goal of making access to real food easier. Treatmo removes the barriers to eating well without the hassle, by focusing on transparency and speed, so you can get what you want faster with less guesswork.

A big challenge for everyone is access to food on busy schedules where time and attention is short. Good food--less processed and based on whole and plant based ingredients--does more to support energy and wellness through the stress, highs and lows.

Rising food makers and chefs across the U.S., make access to real food easier than ever through the Treatmo marketplace for quick pay, delivery, shipping, pre-order, along with speed and the ultimate convenience, including rewards. 

Stay connected with new products and trends in health and wellness through merchants contributing fresh ideas to food and more!

In this app update:

  • Enhanced search -- find an item, check out instantly right from search
  • Stay connected with what's nearby, wherever you are
  • Simple shipping and delivery
  • Fast checkout that puts you in control. 

From New York to Arizona to California, the marketplace continues to grow. With this app update, we're excited to announce partnerships with a meal delivery company, sports nutrition companies, California farms, farmers market vendors and emerging chefs from Brooklyn FoodWorks. 

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