Nothing Beats A Homemade Breakfast of The Freshest Ingredients

Breakfast in bed has to be one of the biggest luxuries. Fresh organic ingredients cooked up to perfection is a decadent way to start the day. But Treatmo makes tastier and more fun.

From almond butter and raw honey, to herbs, spices and matcha, add little touches to take any breakfast from average to extraordinary right through the Treatmo market. When you experience food packed with nutrients and benefits nothing else can compete for taste or flavor.

We assembled this breakfast for Mother's Day from the Treatmo market including Fat Uncle Farms for the almond butter and honey, Physical GraffiTea for the matcha, Daddy's Gourmet for the herbs and spices, including dill for the potatoes and a killer mixed herb for the eggs.

The olive oil is one of our recent favorites called Sabrina's Choice from Wiebe Farm at Los Angeles area farmers markets. The potatoes and bread are local to Arizona.

Breakfast is key to a great day, but weekends especially when you have time to prepare a great plate and treat someone you love, including yourself, there's much to be gained. Gathering ingredients and making food in your own kitchen for others nurtures the heart.

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