Treatmo Provides Seamless Mobile Platform for Customers

With mobile payments expected to increase to $27 billion in transactions in 2016, the new way of paying by mobile phone is not just changing how merchants accept money, but how they interact with customers as well.

Payment technology has the power to deliver better services through the mobile channel including easy discovery, loyalty and rewards. While many payment technology providers offer some of these services, there has been a gap for customs who want it all in one place.

Treatmo is the first payments technology to fill this gap by providing universal payments services to participating merchants and offering shopping, rewards, offers, and messaging in one free mobile app to consumers.

According to PayPal senior vice president of product and engineering Bill Ready, "It's more important than ever for payments to work seamlessly [across platforms] for e-commerce, loyalty, rewards, and offers."

Treatmo's breakthrough technology has pulled together all of the elements of mobile capability and streamlined the experience. With Treatmo customers can easily discover food businesses including cafes, meal delivery providers, or merchants who only ship or sell at farmers markets, and pay through the app instantly.

Treatmo founder and CEO, Anna Zefferys, explains "I can stand in line at a juice bar in Manhattan and pre-pay with the app before I get to the counter and never have to hand over a credit card or cash. At the very same time, I can order loose leaf tea for delivery to my home and also pay ahead to pick up prepared food at a local Saturday farmers market. The capabilities are awesome."

Treatmo also gives customers loyalty points at participating merchants and provides rewards instantly through the app, no punchcards needed. Merchants can issue promo codes with offers to generate interest and even apply them to pre-orders when launching a new product or menu item to build enthusiasm.

The app has also integrated chat with basic messaging and image posting so users can discuss purchases and merchants can interact with customers helping to create buzz for and trust with the products. This experiential marketing is the newest form of brand building and is completely integrated into the app.

The wide range of merchants using the technology has found it simple and functional and meets their mobile payments and marketing needs. By letting their customers know they are on Treatmo, they offer shopping convenience, ownership over the purchasing experience, and the ability to interact with the business's marketing programs effortlessly.

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