Terre Botanicals Brings Magic To Your Kitchen

There's something about baking that's totally nurturing and transformative. Choosing a recipe, setting yourself to the task then mixing, pouring and of course, eating -- all impart a sense of completion and success. 

The best chefs are masters of the most minute chemical reactions and flavor combinations that give rise to inspiring food. When it's really over the top there's awe at the end result. 

What's also incredibly exciting about baking for both professional and at home chefs is the myriad of new products available on the market. From sugars, to flours, salts and flavorings, there's nothing basic about baking anymore. There are opportunities to experiment and explore with global flavors, organic and gluten free foods. Terre Botanicals is one such company that is livening up kitchens and changing perceptions about food. 

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When you use real ingredients -- minimally processed and natural -- food transforms with little extra effort and provides satisfaction beyond the tastebuds to your entire being. Flavor creators like Terre Botanicals, based in Phoenix, Arizona, are improving accessibility to better ingredients with the aim of bringing real food and exceptional taste to kitchens everywhere.

Terri Nacke in her element. 

Terri Nacke in her element. 

Cooking is both an art and science; you can’t separate the two.
— Terri Nacke, Owner, Terre Botanicals

Founder and owner of Terre Botanicals, Terri Nacke, adds a twist to your standard pantry staples by producing infused finishing sugars, botanical savory blends and edible essential oils. Going beyond the highly processed refined sugars, salts and chemically made flavorings, Terri and apprentice, Jamie Balesteri, are on a mission to craft new old ways of bringing flavor to food.

As a pioneer of the good food movement and plant enthusiast, you'll either find Terri in the classroom, imparting her knowledge, or in the garden. Feeling most connected to and inspired by plants, Terri has immersed herself in food, education and wellness her entire life. Since the inception of Terre Botanicals she has shared that joie de vivre and taste of real food with others through her products.

Toasted Vanilla Choc-la-tea cupcake dusting. Cupcakes made with Fat Uncle Farms sonora wheat flour, also on  treatmo . 

Toasted Vanilla Choc-la-tea cupcake dusting. Cupcakes made with Fat Uncle Farms sonora wheat flour, also on treatmo

Terri's entrepreneurial background is one driven by constant exploration, collaboration and learning. She ran a garden and lifestyle shop at The Farm at South Mountain (Arizona) where she began crafting her sugars nearly two decades ago. As her products evolved, new opportunities arose. She helped open the Scottsdale Old Town Farmers Market and eventually started getting onto store shelves at AJ's Fine Foods in Phoenix and ABC Home in NYC among others. Terri's story is illustrative of passion and growth. 

Just like Terri's journey, the power of plants to transform food is core to Floret Farm -- where Terri and Jamie create the magic behind their inventive sugars, salts and edible essential oils. With her business located in the Phoenix Homesteads, Terri draws on the inspiration of  the original back-to-the-land concept where each resident contributed real food to feed the whole community. 

Using organic sugar cane in its purest form -- the first crystallization which retains as many essential nutrients as possible -- Terre Botanicals adds unique flavor infusions with essential oils like premium lavender, mint and rose botanicals. The sugars are imaginative additions to baking, glazes, dressings, marinades and more, making your creations extraordinary. The salts dazzle with ingredients like French grey salt and bay laurel or Jurassic red salt and Piment d'Ville Basque red chile. 

The cocoa varietals reinvent your standard cup of cocoa and go well beyond for various cooking and baking uses with ingredients like garam masala, ancho chile and Pu-Ehr tea. The beauty of her products is flavor is packed into smaller amounts, meaning you can use less and achieve more.

While discussing the formulations and unique combinations of ingredients in Terre Botanicals creations, I asked Terri what brings everything together: "We rely on plant power. They are the star of the show." 

Terre Botanicals makes magic happen in your kitchen. See and order from Terre Botanicals menu on Treatmo. 

by Anna Zefferys. Anna has spent more than half her lifetime living in the heart of New York City's East Village. As CEO of Treatmo, she aims to make finding and accessing the best real, organic, local and sustainable food as simple as breathing, making living well simple and social wherever life takes you.