Treatmo New York Conversation Series Kicks Off

After a year and a half of beta testing and a recent roll out and trial of digital loyalty, Treatmo is in New York with its first series of events under the theme, Pathways to Food.

This is an exciting time in the history of food where the push for transparency in ingredients and sources is greater than ever. Treatmo leads the way in providing the technology for businesses to interact with consumers more authentically. 

Treatmo is more than an average marketplace of food makers and innovators including restaurants and cafes, meal delivery companies, farmers market vendors, online only businesses and more. 

Through the Treatmo mobile store fronts, small businesses are able to instantly provide customers with a clear picture of who they are and what they offer in a glance with a catchy tag to describe their business. Customers quickly see what channels are available for enjoying the products through the menu or store and then order in a few taps.

Users of Treatmo can explore food through the app's intelligent search and use the filters to further refine results. The live stream of orders between friends fuels more active discovery of items than a general search on the web, helping small businesses stand out. Chat and photo exchange alsoallows for ongoing discussion, reviews and tips.

Whether dining in, picking up, delivering or shipping, Treatmo makes it easy for people to interact with top food makers from their phone without ever passing over a card or cash to the business.

Many of the businesses in the Treatmo marketplace now also offer rewards. With a tool that businesses can tailor to their own rewards system, customers can receive free treats right through the app. 

The week of May 9th, Treatmo extends a warm welcome to the New York food and technology community through a conversation series starting on May 10. By creating new pathways and access to food through technology Treatmo empowers individuals with choices and a new sense of control of their wallet.