Spring Cleaning Your Most Important House

This time of year in New York, we're ready to pack up our winter clothes and put them into storage, dust off shelves and open windows. And if you live in the middle of New York City, you know how that insufferable dust accumulates in every corner. 

That isn't the only house that's ready for heavy cleaning. After months of high fat food, holiday meals, winter snacking and drinking, your body is crying for a dusting. It's time to stop, reflect and reboot. 

Send a little love to your insides. The key here is to reset your system and get on track for healthier ways and positive mindset by kicking off with a drastic change in meal plan. 

LuliTonix comes to the rescue for your spring cleaning with not only a delicious selection of nutrient, superfood and fiber rich blends and elixirs to choose from, but an ultra convenient way to bring wellness into your life.

Open the windows and let the air in. 

The trick to getting on track is to do it with the least amount of friction. After all, stress is what leads to the build up of toxins as much as poor diet. When you take out extra steps to achieving wellness, it feels liberating. When you feel empowered and confident, reaching goals becomes even easier.

Get onto the LuliTonix store in Treatmo -- the easiest way to view all of the options for blends and elixirs in one place along with other helpful store details. Order and write a note to yourself at checkout or to LuliTonix about your delivery, and blog your spring restart right through the app. Invite your friends to join you or go solo. Save LuliTonix to your favorites, so they are on hand whenever it’s time to restock. Their store becomes your fridge, and you get treated back with points at every order leading up to healthy rewards. 

 An easy favorite for instant vibrance.

An easy favorite for instant vibrance.

Or change your routine and make a plan of stopping by the store in SoHo, 182 Mulberry Street (between Broome and Kenmare) to pick up. Pay ahead through the app to track your order, and make receiving your treat as easy as sharing a code sent to your phone when you walk in.

 A  power soup  for breakfast, lunch or dinner, helps reduce stress.

A power soup for breakfast, lunch or dinner, helps reduce stress.

Pickup some good vibes from the staff and friends, too: The path to wellness is one that’s best shared with many. Spread a little gratitude, the surest way to wellbeing, by gifting friends through Treatmo. Experience a world of positive energy coming back.

***Tap the menu to order instantly below if you have the app installed, otherwise, enjoy discovering the options. Currently Treatmo is iOS (Android on the way). Gift your friends in the app or right to their email. 

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by Anna Zefferys. Anna has spent more than half a lifetime living in the heart of New York City's East Village. Through the creation of Treatmo, she desires to make finding and accessing the best real, organic, local and sustainable food as simple as breathing, making living well simple and social wherever life takes you.