Mobile Payments Energizes Marketing for Small Business

Mobile payments is quietly and quickly growing and will be the next major sales channel for merchants. The projected value of mobile transactions for 2016 in the U.S. is estimated to be $27B. Some large businesses like Starbucks are already benefiting from mobile payment apps. However, they don’t have to be the only ones. Small business can offer a mobile pay option to customers quickly and economically and obtain helpful marketing benefits in doing so.

Match How Your Customers Interact with Your Business

Consumers are on smart phones constantly - it's how they discover your business and explore what you have to offer. Customers want to interact with your business in a mobile friendly way and it doesn’t matter to them how big or small your business is. With a mobile storefront, your business shows that it's understands the tools customers use daily. Additionally, customers want to chat about purchases with friends which is naturally done on a mobile platform.

Level the Playing Field with Large Corporations

Large companies with deep pockets are already seeing returns from their own mobile payments apps. By continuously making customers aware of the payments capability of its app and loyalty program, Starbucks reports that 20% of sales come from it. Setting up a mobile payment option instantly gives your business similar purchasing credibility to your customers who are exposed to that method from the big brands.

Give Customers Ownership of the Purchasing Experience

Customers want more convenience when checking out. They don’t want to wait, and they want to purchase whenever the want. Many are wary of handing over credit cards and may or may not have cash on hand at time of purchase. Mobile payments streamlines the payment process and allows store personnel to validate payment instantly and anywhere in the establishment with Treatmo. Customers can also purchase at home, on the way, or in the store allowing them to pay on their terms.

Mobile Payments Simplifies Loyalty Programs

Running a loyalty program on a mobile payment platform reduces involvement from the merchant to set up. From there it runs hands-free. No punch cards are needed and rewards are generated automatically. Its transparent for the business and the customers and increases the likelihood customers will be loyal and continue to accrue points to get their reward since its always visible on their phones.

Improve Effectiveness of Mobile Marketing

Most digital marketers know that email lists for your business are an important way to communicate to potential new customers. Responsive email lists generate sales and build enthusiasm. Since most consumers will view a newsletter on a mobile phone, links that open up your mobile payments tool directly from the email increase the chance of an instant sale greatly - it's much more efficient than directing them to a website -- which isn't as easy to return to via mobile unless it's bookmarked, saved to home screen or open in tabs -- or having them retrieve a coupon image from email to later apply on the website.

Treatmo is a universal mobile payments app that accomplishes all five benefits with a simple set up and instant marketing power. With Treatmo, customers can pay any time they want and chat with friends. Payment validation occurs in seconds from any web-enabled device. Loyalty runs automatically and customers can order instantly from embedded menus in newsletters. 

A Treatmo mobile storefront lets customers focus on your products and story instead of the inevitable payment transaction and navigating through multiple sites, emails and Facebook pages to pay.

Most importantly, Treatmo empowers small business, from farmers market stands to restaurants, to participate directly in the increasingly mobile world with an elegant and professional solution.

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Treatmo Co-Founder, Spiro Zefferys. Loves hiking, cooking and plant-based food. He's a graduate of Johns Hopkins University and has worked throughout Asia and Europe as a product engineer.