Iconic Tea Shop Launches First Matcha Tin For Sale

If you've spent time in the East Village of New York City, you've most likely walked down St Marks Place and passed the brightly colored  and iconic address where Physical GraffiTea sits. Maybe you've seen the sandwich board outside inviting you in for matcha, or purchased from the selection of over 200 varieties of tea.

Owner Ilana Malka, founded Physical GraffiTea in 2011 where she's been specializing in matcha and loose leaf teas ever since. Because she was inspired by the flavor, variety, and benefits of tea --  matcha being one of her favorites -- running a tea shop and cafe felt natural. All of her teas are organic and fair trade.

She invests care and patience when skillfully whisking an amazing and nourishing matcha latte. If you've had one here, you know it's pretty awesome, and you feel so nourished and well afterwards.

Matcha latte at Physical GraffiTea in NYC

Matcha latte at Physical GraffiTea in NYC

Matcha provides balanced energy, lots of antioxidants, and is rich in fiber, chlorophyll, and vitamins. Unlike steeping tea leaves, matcha leaves are ground and consumed with the beverage. More mellow than coffee, but with a comforting energy boost, it's perfect for picking you up during the day, lifting your mood and helping you keep your calm on those busy New York streets.

Matcha comes from Japan and has strict growing and production guidelines. Physical GraffiTea has a really rich and creamy blend of Matcha. It's premium grade, delicious and provides energy for the entire day. 

Now Physical GraffiTea is making it possible for you to enjoy their special tea at home. Order the 2 ounce matcha tin by mobile or shop in the cafe with Treatmo.  

Even more exciting, win a tin of matcha powder! Enter the competition from April 12 and running through the end of day on April 29 to enjoy the full experience of Physical GraffiTea wherever you go. Download the app and friend 'Physical GraffiTea' to enter. Visit Treatmo Events to Enter!

Matcha tea canister from Physical GraffiTea (2 ounces)

Matcha tea canister from Physical GraffiTea (2 ounces)

Stop by Physical GraffiTea's tea shop on St Mark's Place at 1st Avenue (L Train to 1st Ave). If you pay ahead for your loose leaf teas on Treatmo, email your order to the shop before you arrive and they can have your packages waiting for you. 

Grab a table, listen to classic rock, and enjoy great teas all day long. It will always put you in a great mood! Browse the full menu, including cafe items, below.

Already have the app? Tap below to order. Android coming soon. Enter the giveaway.