Eat It Straight From The Jar, Sauerkraut by Garden Goddess Ferments

With a growing audience of consumers looking for new natural food to eat, it's an exciting time to be a food maker with the resources available in the southwest. Food entrepreneurism is no doubt on the rise in Arizona. Easy access to the freshest ingredients within a few miles at local, organically certified farms, gives crafters incredible produce to work to with. Ready access to commercial food kitchens helps bring visions to life.

An expert at fermenting, Garden Goddess a sauerkraut maker based-in Phoenix gets excited as fall approaches when produce for her products becomes available at local Arizona farms, especially cabbage. From farm to mouth literally within hours, it's incredible to experience the amazing taste. 

Owner and founder Suzette Smith infuses her healthful recipes with fresh ingredients like turmeric, cilantro and kale. The Apple Kabbage & Kale includes horseradish for that extra cancer fighting power. The Kowboy Kraut has peppercorns and cumin for something with a bit more kick.

You can experience the power of local, fresh produce in her creations and the passion she and her team bring to her product in every jar. With live probiotic cultures, Garden Goddess krauts are best enjoyed raw to fully realize the benefits of the enzymes that support your microbiome and optimize wellness.

Choose from a variety of red or green cabbage sauerkrauts to use on or with whatever you love to eat, or as a side. This sauerkraut delivers healthy bacteria into your diet. It's so good you'll want to eat it straight from the jar. On Treatmo, a reorder is only a tap away.

One jar at $10.00 goes fast. But with Garden Godess sauerkraut and power kraut and kvas (fermented beet juice) juices, you'll feel the benefits immediately.

Simple pay, share and go! Order and as the holidays approach, gift your friends too.