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When you're walking through your local farmers market and tasting fresh made food, there's something even more amazing happening behind each vendor stall. There are incredible stories behind the founders, and of these small businesses b Naked Chocolates is one.

Before she made macaroons that delight everyone who stops by her table, Sue Berliner was a competitive athlete and magazine publisher. From the the Ironman 70.3 Vineman to the American River 50-miler, competitive racquetball and an average week of 300 miles on her bike, Sue is kind of a bad ass. 

Many around Arizona and in the health and fitness world know Sue as the founder of SWEAT magazine, which she ran for 22 years with her business partner. Aside from amazing genes, to perform at the top level that she has, diet and nutrition have played an key role. She's always loved her sweets, too. 

b naked chocolates

An avid baker, friends encouraged her to share her creativity with others. Sue took their advice and began to craft goods for a wider audience until she eventually closed SWEAT to work on b Naked Chocolates full time in 2011. 

Macaroons are a special treat. They may seem simple, but making them chewy, rich, decadent and one tiny bite that beats other bites, requires a certain mastery over texture and sweetness.

b Naked Chocolates accomplishes all of this with a imaginative selection of diverse superfood-based macaroons, truffles, crackers and bars. Beyond being ridiculously yummy treats, everything she makes is raw. Organic health and wellness bites that satisfy sweet cravings is a powerful combination. And these are anything but boring.

When speaking with her, it's clear she has a deep sense of how nutrition and diet impact performance. 

At competitive events, she was always hyper aware of everyone around her eating pasta, meanwhile she was consuming mostly plants and light amounts of protein, pulling away from sugar and carbs, entirely. Sue was acutely aware of how eating habits impact everything from mood to performance and overall wellbeing.

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She believes weight management is often linked to what you eat more than how often you workout. Sue became acquainted with raw food through friends, and since then prefers a 75% raw diet with an occasional meal of fish. But removing sugar from her diet led to the most profound change.

When you get rid of sugar you taste things so much better.
— Sue Berliner

Real, unprocessed food has the power to impact people in a positive way and through b Naked Chocolates, Sue is making that happen with incredible treats that taste amazing and brighten your mood.

b naked chocolates

Sue's sweet treats are free of refined sugars and 100% vegan. 

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