Plant-Based Chocolate From The Easter Bunny

If you're seeking clean, dairy free, unrefined sugar, or totally free of sugar free cacao this Easter for your party and guests, download Treatmo now and order today. 

Treatmo's market of fair trade, organic, vegan chocolate from local makers in New York and Vermont, includes raw options and a special nondairy, dairy milk chocolate, called Schmilk. 

From cacao to bean-to-bar, find satisfying treats to decorate your Easter table and share with kids. Nothing's better than chocolate that's healthy and delicious. 

1) Chocolate Hollow

Creamy, chocolatey bean-to-bar goodness in logs and bars that are savory and gone in one sitting. The masters of the Schmilk, non dairy, milk chocolate, Chocolate Hollow will have you rethinking all of your past milk chocolate decisions. Made in Vermont. 

chocolate hollow bittersweet

2) Haute Chocolate Brooklyn

It seems lately we can't go a week without ordering more on Treatmo. Vegan, paleo, gluten free and sugar free, Haute Chocolate is rich with slight texture and a lingering finish. Made in Brooklyn, New York.

haute chocolate three

3) Fine and Raw

Dried strawberries and rose essence make this raw cacao truffle one to savor and cheer -- it's a treat for the tastebuds. It's small but the bite is big. Made in Brooklyn, New York.

fine and raw rose

4) Farmhouse Chocolates and Ice Cream

With expiration dates for freshness and dark chocolate that is soy free and vegan, this is a must for pure, clean food. Every chocolate bar has it's own nuances from the maker and the bean. Farmhouse Chocolates creates flavor, depth and happiness. Burlington, Vermont.

farmhouse chocolate vegan

5) CocoRau

Blissful bites that pack in the wellness, Cocorau raw chocolates are a combination of real food from superfoods like almonds to matcha and cacao. Don't get started because you'll never stop. The Turiya is 100% vegan with sulphur-rich molasses. Below is the So Hum, infused with lavender, sweetened with honey. Get healthy, eat well.

cocorau raw cacao