Say Hello To Your Almond Macadamia Milk Cappuccino

Kyle Glanville and Charles Babinski say their mission is to introduce people to the great coffees of the World. While that may be, and is awesome, our first visit to this Grand Central Market cafe inspired something more.  

The open air, friendly space that is G&B coffee was literally a breath of fresh air. As a spot to grab coffee, toasts, granola, waffles and creative drinks, it's perfect. 

Anthony Bourdain is opening a Blade Runner-inspired market in New York, but we think the atmosphere at G&B with it's forward-thinking food, indoor/outdoor counter top service, captures a more futuristic style-of dining minus the dystopian-Universe aspect of the film, of course.

The choices at G&B are fun and interesting to explore. It's also exciting when you can find a cappuccino with a perfect tableau for foam art from freshly made almond macadamia milk! This gives those who are dairy free an amazing alternative and those who aren't a healthy does of nuts.

The yeasted waffle with ricotta and jam was light and airy like the space. We wanted to try the ginger beer, as we're big fans of House of Juice in New York where we've had some of the best. Next time.