New York-Based Startup Delivers Organic Superfood Energy Drink

It’s crisp, clean, tasty and provides amazing energy to turn up your day. Delivering in New York City, Metabrew accomplishes several things we want in a beverage, and the price point and natural ingredients make it a premium choice.

Aside from being the best speedy breakfast when rushing for the subway or bus to work in the City, Metabrew’s organic superfood ingredients make this much more than straight up coffee. Even still, it’s better than five cups of coffee, and it won’t allow you to crash. 

metabrew delivery

Metabrew is a brew that cares and we crave, and now they're running a giveaway for you to try it on from Treatmo app. Three big reasons to get this in your fridge now:

Brain Food

Cacao is dense in flavanols — you may be familiar with this particular antioxidant in that red wine you’re drinking at your local Lower East Side hang. 

Flavanols in raw cacao have more phenolic phytochemicals — of which flavanols are the largest group of plant phenols — than red wine. Toss that out at your next cocktail party. Drinking Metabrew which contains raw cacao, improves circulation, thinking skills and serotonin levels to boost your outlook in front of that massive project sitting on your desk. 

Post Workout Pick Me Up

That feeling after an amazing workout where you’ve pushed yourself to a new level is gold. The post workout thirst is also real. Low carb, high protein magnesium rich cashew butter in Metabrew helps with muscle gain and reduces inflammation to speed up recovery time. That’s just a tiny peek into the power of cashew butter. But you can count on it being organic and sending healthy fats to your mind and body when you drink The Metabrew.

Hangover Cure

In NYC it’s inevitable that we’re all either rushing to work, the gym, our side hustle, or a social event. That’s city life in a nutshell. What’s missing in all of this is the quick healthy, natural and nutrient rich drink, that has zero sugar, to replenish. Not anymore. 

Metabrew, through organic coffee, cacao, MCT Oil and cashew butter, is what we’re reaching for when we wake up in the morning and labelling “Do NOT Touch” in bright red sharpie in the office fridge. 

From the mood boosting power of cacao and cashew, to the fast absorbing healthy fats in MCT Oil to the natural pick me up of cacao and coffee, get your mental and physical game on point. This means happier moments for everyone.

Want to try it for yourself? Win a delivery of Metabrew in New York City and enter the giveaway starting March 22. 

Can’t wait? Need it now? Metabrew is on Treatmo for preorder and delivery. And it makes a great gift too that you can personalize on Treatmo. Plus when you order on Treatmo you earn rewards leading up to a free Treat and you get additional points for treating friends.

See Metabrew’s Treatmo store for more details about this new, mindful company and treat friends too to earn extra points. 

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~ Happy Treating!