A Chilled, Tasty Brew To Power You

There's nothing more inspiring than meeting with entrepreneurs at the beginning of a product launch. We had this opportunity recently when we met with the co-founders of MetaBrew, a new super tasty, dairy-free, energy drink made in Brooklyn.

For fitness enthusiasts and professionals alike, maintaining optimum health and energy through increased stress and constant fatigue is challenging. Powering through each day requires a bit of assistance. Often the go to is coffee, and for many lately, matcha. But MetaBrew's blend of caffeine, healthy oils and superfoods offers a new solution.

A common frustration with coffee has always been that low after the caffeine wears off. But MetaBrew, founded by Romy Raad and Natalie Neumann – two students out of Parsons Masters Program in New York City – have crafted an innovative drink that provides long-lasting energy without the jitters or the crash. 

While sitting with the two entrepreneurs in the East Village, we learned that their product began as a pudding but quickly evolved into a beverage. Their imaginative product development process, which included many tasters, led to a delicious final result. The effort and strategy that went into the creation of this product is evident not only in the the smooth texture and clean taste of the beverage, but also the package design.

In combination with the sustained energy, the healthful ingredients are a huge draw. Cashew butter uplifts and balances your mood while supporting faster workout recovery through its minerals magnesium and potassium. And the MCT Oil -- an ingredient derived from coconut oil -- enhances brain function. Raw cacao and fair trade, organic coffee deliver a solid dose of antioxidants.

Preparing the beverage at Brooklyn FoodWorks ties in everything that the MetaBrew founders are about, such as collaboration and community. This industrial kitchen in Bedford-Stuyvesant is a space where food-preneurs make dreams come to life and improve the way we all eat and live through their creations. 

MetaBrew is definitely, "a clever, tasty brew to power you!" It's a fresh beverage that will last up to seven days refrigerated. Keep MetaBrew in your pocket through Treatmo, and pre-order for delivery in New York City. Compare notes and share photos through messages with friends in the app. Treatmo makes it easy to reorder, track past orders and treat friends, too.

Place an order starting today, and the MetaBrew team will reach out to you in the next two weeks when your order is ready for delivery. Your order helps fund the first production run. What's more, you can treat your friends to MetaBrew, too. We're all about that community view.

From Wall Street to Madison Avenue, MetaBrew is the feel good, energy drink game changer you don't want to miss.

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