5 Reasons To Love Mobile Payments

Having cash in your pocket feels good. Swiping a card feels amazing. In the brain it registers accomplishment. Cash is great. Cash is good. And for some using it in place of a card is helpful in managing a budget.

Although with a card, I've had up to five unregistered transactions that weren't mine. I've had my personal data exposed at various institutions from online attacks throughout my life. I've lost my credit card and cash in a New York City taxi more times than I wish to remember. And to get cash I'm forced to the nearest or furthest ATM even to get a quick juice at a spot on my block that has a $10 minimum.  

So where is the middle ground and what is the future. Why are we tied to dirty plastic and paper in our pockets and hands and especially between us and the food we want right now. While we have a vision of the future of credit cards here at Treatmo, we also have a new way to pay right now that beyond just payments empowers discovery. 

Technology is in the early stages of transforming history and moving away from metal and paper to electronic payment -- for everything. Millions of people order food online and opt for electronic banking and payments for things like utilities, groceries, delivery and shopping, already. Entering a card into a form and submitting it for a approval in an app or website is a way of life. We do this to get things and get things done faster, to reduce clutter and hassle, and to enhance convenience. 

Electronic payments don't stop there. It's a breeze to make a payment through an app to your roommate for half the rent. It's also a breeze to walk in and out of a business with your food already paid for or to preorder your favorite treats for pickup at an upcoming market on Treatmo. Access and immediacy is everything. Around the world, people are beginning to realize the ease of pay by phone and are leaving their wallet at home. 

Here are five reasons to move on from cash and plastic.

1. Increase purchasing power. 

Cash costs the economy, according to research, roughly $200 billion a year. Providing and servicing cash is passed on to consumers with fees. These fees and costs are most noticeable at ATMs but also appear less clearly in monthly bank charges, increased prices at markets due to cash theft, and higher tax rates from the government due to lost tax revenue from cash operations. By going cashless, it may reduce all of these direct and indirect costs making your paycheck last longer.

2. Germs. Yes, Germs.

Have you ever received a dollar bill that looked like it had been used to wipe down the inside of a bus? It just may have. A recent study in Dayton, Ohio, took 68 old bills from shoppers and gave them new clean ones so they could determine how dirty the old bills were. Of the 68 bills, five were contaminated with bacteria that could cause healthy people to get sick. There were 59 bills that had bacteria which could cause illness to individuals with compromised immune systems. Based on this research, refraining from touching cash is a maybe even a better way than antibacterial hand gel to keep the germs away. 

3. Street Sense

When you have cash on you, you are more vulnerable. It's less easy to protect or recover cash. Studies have shown that more robberies occur in areas where cash is prevalent. By going cashless, you keep yourself safer and reduce the risk of losing your money.

4. Save time

Hunting for ATMs in the city or when driving through new towns takes time. Even when you know where an ATM is, you may have to go out of your way to get there. No one enjoys standing in lines at ATM machines either. A cashless lifestyle means saving hours of travel time accumulated during the year to grab cash. And back to point 2, avoid germs from touching ATM buttons that have thousands of bacteria. 

5. Help the Environment

When it comes to cash or cards the question as to which is more environmentally friendly is a Catch 22 because both have negative impacts. From the barrels of oil that go into PVC for making credit, reward and gift cards to the tonnage of metal for coins, we're all walking around with valuable resources that aren't in endless supply. Going digital with payments is a start in lessening the impact on Earth, which is central to the Treatmo mission

Treatmo app makes going cashless easier. Treatmo Hotspots are cash and card free, since you can pay ahead or in location through the app. Treatmo also enables businesses to get up and running quickly with a mobile storefront which showcases business features and products. It's an incredibly powerful tool for startup food businesses to instantly begin selling and driving customers to their popups or delivery, shipping options.

Through Treatmo users can go beyond the purchase too and engage with friends through a live stream of things enjoyed, find places and food through intelligent search, earn rewards through loyalty points for purchases, and message friends. Treatmo takes the payment experience and discovery to a new level. 

Simple Pay, Share, and Go

Download Treatmo and enjoy a beautiful cashless experience.

~ By Anna Zefferys