Delicious Healthy Food Gives Back

Real and fresh ingredients taste amazing and are better at fueling your performance at work, school and the gym. Eating healthy gives back and keeps you running sharp, fit and strong. Now the Treatmo Market -- the place to find and eat local, naturally made, sustainable food -- gives back, too. 

Treatmo is rolling out Treatmo Loyalty and Pay across the U.S., starting in New York City. At participating Treatmo Hotspots you can now earn rewards by paying with Treatmo and earn even more rewards for treating friends.

Research has proven that saying thanks contributes positively to health. So why not give and get back. With Treatmo when you treat someone you'll feel it in your pocket. See which businesses in the app offer rewards by looking for the L. The benefits of using Treatmo go beyond rewards, but rewards are really nice.

1) Save Time

When you pay with Treatmo, you can pay ahead (or in location) and learn what you want to eat faster. Spend less time figuring out where a photo of food on an app can actually be found and buy it instantly. Through the Treatmo store learn whether your favorite things can be delivered, shipped, enjoyed in location or picked up at the local farmers market. Plus easily track your purchases and spending. It's fun and social. 

2) Save Money Over Time

Days fly by too fast to keep track of where you spent your money and how much you spent. The things we spend the most on, like food, are easier to track on Treatmo. Whether you're on a budget or want to see where you're spending all your dough, each of your payments is neatly tracked. Forget cash and hitting ATMs. It's all about eating better with less stress. Forget your wallet at home? No problem, pay with Treatmo.

3) Earn Rewards

Punch cards are great when you have them, and they aren't sitting at home in that other pair of jeans. Punch cards also require finding that punch card in your wallet, handing it to someone else and putting it back in your wallet. Treatmo does it all for you and ensures you never miss your reward. It's not just for brick & mortar businesses, but for mobile, pop ups and online stores. 

Businesses save money on producing paper punch cards and the environment sighs at the reduction in resources to make them. Pay for great healthy food that gives back and earn points at top places to receive healthy rewards. 

4) Connect with Friends

Treatmo is a marketplace and a place to connect with each other through food. When you pay with Treatmo, the treats stream to the news feed so friends can learn through each other's orders. Discover food through friends, treat friends, chat with friends all through the news feed! 

AND now earn points for treating friends! It's always nice when someone picks up your tab, helps you out with a project, or pays for your movie ticket. Now you can treat them back and earn rewards at the same time. A friendship that keeps on giving.

Pay at Treatmo hotspots to earn rewards and start saving time and money. Rolling out in New York and points across the U.S. Treatmo partners are innovative entrepreneurs in the food industry bringing you the latest trends in health and wellness.  

Simple pay, share and go.